Sam Rohrer: July 6, 2020

Sun, 07/05/2020, By Sam Rohrer

Topics discussed include: To Teach our Children the Truth Again. To Pledge Allegiance..the Flag. To the United States… and to the Republic. If Not…One Nation Under God, Then?

Erwin Lutzer: July 6, 2020

Sun, 07/05/2020, By Erwin Lutzer

God does not tolerate competition. He wants to be supreme in our lives, and He made that clear by writing on a tablet of stone the first of the Ten Commandments. It’s commandment number one for a reason. Do you believe these commandments mean something for your life today?

John Loeffler: July 6, 2020

Sun, 07/05/2020, By John Loeffler

First up this week Peter Hammond, Founder and Director of Frontline Fellowship, joins us from South Africa to examine the inner workings of Marxist revolutions and how once the leaders get in power, there is no need to keep around the folks who got them there. He also looks at the psychological warfare that Marxists use to manipulate the masses.

Then we chat with Stanley Kurtz (, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, who discusses the history of multiculturalism, the rise in speech codes, and the odd, contradictory concept of strategic essentialism.

John then looks at two streams of toxic thought in the boralogue – that of Marxism and postmodernism. He shows how we came from a solid foundation in America to a near Marxist takeover and contrasts the toxicity of today’s popular narratives with that of our Judeo-Christian roots.

We wrap out the show this week with a clip from John’s appearance on KYMS radio recently where he and host, Lee Lancaster, discuss a variety of topics including what happens when Marxism comes to your church and the philosophies of mob rule.

Episode Details

Sam Rohrer: July 6, 2020

Topics discussed include: To Teach our Children the Truth Again. To Pledge Allegiance..the Flag. To the United States… and to the Republic. If Not…One Nation Under God, Then?
  • Erwin Lutzer: June 29, 2020

    Those who have a conscience can feel shame: that sense of embarrassment when caught in a sinful act. But there’s also the painful shame that victims of sexual abuse bear, that isn’t their fault. How should we deal with shame?
  • John Loeffler: June 29, 2020

    How did we go from the single issue of police brutality to the insanity we see today?  In this week’s boralogue, John lays out the steps Marxists take that transition from legitimate protests to pulling down statues and defying authority.  They create the narrative of oppressors and oppressed and once established, more violent behavior is justified.  But if it morphs completely out of control, Marxists will no longer need to justify their revolution to destroy America.
  • John Whitcomb: June 29, 2020

    Today on "Encounter God’s Truth," we turn back to a classic message from theologian Dr. John Whitcomb, who points us to "Jesus Christ: Our Creator and Savior."

    Christ is the living Word—and His written Word is true from the beginning to the end!

    We will consider a number of Bible passages today as we survey important doctrinal truths about our Lord, from eternity past to eternity future. In the process, we will review many of the Biblical supports for the teaching of a young earth—created by Christ Himself.

    This message was first presented to the congregation of Valley Grace Brethren Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, where the Whitcombs’ son Dr. Dan Pritchett serves as lead pastor. We are glad to be able to share it with you once again.

  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 29, 2020

    Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has his weekly conversation with Dave James. Dave will join Jimmy at the Broadcast Table to discuss the recent Supreme Court decision on the "gay rights in the workplace"; how this decision is dangerous to the Church and Christian Ministries; what these groups should do in light of the decision; and how this
    Supreme Court decision may well lead to a time when there may be those
    attacking the preaching of the Word of God.
  • Brannon Howse: June 26, 2020

    The Great Reset. (Part 1) Topic: The head of the World Economic Forum, Al Gore, Princes Charles, U.N. Secretary General, CEO of BP and MasterCard among other call for a global reset. In fact, the WEF is openly talking about taking advantage of the destruction caused by the Coronavirus in order to push their great reset agenda. The great reset will involve a reset of the global economy, institutions, the rule of law, national sovereignty and capitalism as we know it. This is program one in a two part series on the coming global reset.
  • Brannon Howse: June 24, 2020

    The Philosophies That Have Brought America The Riots of 2020. Topic: For nearly 30 years Brannon has written books and hosted radio, television and conferences on the threats coming to America from socialism, communism, cultural Marxism, paganism, hedonism, postmodernism, and nihilism. Yet all these street riots are based on these isms. Brannon defines nihilism and hedonism and how its mixture with postmodernism is at the root of the street riots and manipulation of the young, brainwashed rioters. Topic: The "Bubba" Wallace noose hoax reportedly led to 15 FBI agents rolling into Talladega Super-speedway to investigate what turned out to be a rope to open and close the garage door. Now think about that folks. Your FBI has become so worthless that they actually fall for these fake news story and deploy 15 FBI agents. Yet Brannon points to real and documented threats made against conservatives that do not gain the attention of even 1 serious FBI agent not to mention 15. But why should we be shocked when FBI Director Comey and Mueller each gave the FBI Director’s award to two jihadis and FBI leadership has spent years recruiting FBI agents from known jihadi preaching mosques. Topic: Brannon talks about a high school football announcer that lost his job for speaking truth about the hideous and violent murder of a 83 year old woman at the hands of four thugs. Topic: Brannon wonders why all these men and women are publicly apologizing for speaking truth once they are shamed on social media. Brannon explains how this group consensus and bullying is part of the cultural Marxist brainwashing operation that is now in full swing in America.
  • Sam Rohrer: June 25, 2020

    Israel Update: Israel in the Middle - Caught between the Super Powers. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: Turkey: Leading the “Free Jerusalem” Movement. Israel: Caught in the Middle. Israeli Sovereignty Decisions: Urged, Pushed…Warned. Jews Heading “Home” in Record Numbers.
  • Erwin Lutzer: June 25, 2020

    When the young are sexually abused, psychological scars are left that may never be healed. One common experience is grief—that gnawing sadness that’s always just below the surface.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 25, 2020

    Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners join him at the Broadcast Table. These men, Winkie Medad and John Rood, both have some very important information to pass along on some very important issues. Winkie will come first to discuss with Jimmy how the Palestinians could destroy the Jewish history of the State of Israel; He also has some additional news of what is happening in the political world in Israel, as well. Then Jimmy will discuss with John a very key European Union Up-date that John has for all of us.
  • Chris Pinto: June 25, 2020

    Chris discusses the radical Marxist movement known as Black Lives Matter. While masquerading itself as a movement designed to defend the Black community, it shows itself (through its own website) to be aimed at undermining and destroying Christianity and Western Civilization, using race-baiting tactics to foment continual agitation. The international movement that has sparked riots around the world in the wake of the other international Coronavirus movement, is obviously designed by the globalists to further agitate against the Christian world. Meanwhile, in Seattle the Marxists have separated part of the city which they have renamed “CHOP” claiming it as a reference to the French Revolution.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: June 24, 2020

    The Trump Peace Plan will allow the Palestinians to control Jewish heritage sites; and hundreds and thousands of Jews from around the world are moving to Israel.
  • Brannon Howse: June 23, 2020

    The True History of Andrew Jackson - Rioters tried to tear down the statue of President Andrew Jackson located outside the gates of the White House. Thankfully law enforcement arrived just in time to stop them from tearing down the statue. President Trump is known to like President Jackson and has a picture of him hanging in the Oval Office. Like President Trump, President Jackson was a man of the people, was at war with the media, the establishment, and the central bank.

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