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  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: February 1, 2023

    Guest: Patrick Wood. Topic: What is ChatGPT? How will it be used to allow people to write books they really did not write, deliver sermons they did not write, and write media and news articles not written by journalists but artifice intelligence? Topic: How will ChatGPT be integrated with robotics, holograms and met-averse technology? How will ChatGPT technology allow for deep fakes?
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: January 31, 2023

    Guest: Leo Hohmann. Topic: America is facing a food shortage and emergency and it is all manufactured and now even Fox News is allowing Tucker Carlson to report on this fact. Topic: Massive Fire Destroys Commercial Egg Farm. Topic: Hens stop laying eggs and their owners say it is the feed. Topic: If Americans freak out over the threat of an ice storm in Memphis and the lines in the grocery store go from the check out desk to the back wall of the story, then what does that tell us about how prepared Americans are for a real crisis and how will they respond? 
  • COVID Health Emergency and COVID Shot Update

    Twila Brase is the president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom. She’s a registered nurse, a certified public health nurse, and author of the eight-time award-winning book, Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records. She’s the speaker on the daily Health Freedom Minute heard on stations across the nation. Additionally, her efforts led to a national law requiring parent consent for research using newborn DNA, a national campaign exposing HIPAA as a data-sharing rule, an online nationwide directory of direct-pay-practices, The Wedge of Health Freedom and the Patient Toolbox designed to help patients understand their options in coercive situations and maintain control over their treatment decisions.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) January 27, 2023

    Were Some Memphis Protestors Wearing Islamic Scarfs? Mike Adams on Coming Dollar and Banking Collapse. Brannon Responds to Fatal Beating of Memphis Man. Trevor Loudon on Red-Green Axis and World War III. Will Antichrist Be a Man or A.I.?
  • Bibles Needed! : January 30, 2023

    This past Christmas, many of you received a Bible for Christmas. What will you do with your old one? Are you aware that there’s a ministry that collects used Bibles and distributes them to people around the world who are praying that somehow, someone might send them a Bible because they lack the resources to purchase a new one? To discuss how you can meet this critical need, Jim welcomed back Jason Woolford. Jason is the president & executive director of Mission Cry.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: January 25, 2023

    In 1837 President Andrew Jackson Predicted Today's America (Part 2), Topic: Brannon begins to break down the farewell address of President Andrew Jackson in which he warned of divisions being created in America by which to collapse the republic. Topic: President Jackson declared that only a virtuous and patriotic people would remain a free people. Brannon discusses the war on virtue and patriotism even within America’s churches. Topic: When elected officials are allowed to use the government for philanthropic purposes or to plunder for themselves or special interests then a free America cannot long survive. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: January 24, 2023

    In 1837 President Andrew Jackson Predicted Today's America (Part 1), Topic: Brannon begins to break down the farewell address of President Andrew Jackson in which he warned of divisions being created in America by which to collapse the republic. Topic: President Jackson declared that a commitment to justice, patriotism, and selflessness were imperative for the rights of Americans to be preserved. Are enough Americans committed to justice, patriotism and selflessness? Topic: President Jackson warned of the dangers of our nation abandoning gold and silver and relying upon paper money that can be expanded and counterfeited. Topic: Jackson warns that the expansion of money is used to grow government beyond its constitutional boundaries. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Covid…Shots…Sudden Deaths…What’s Going On? : January 24, 2023

    Athletes from youth to college age have collapsed or died suddenly. A surfer standing on his board suddenly collapses into the water for no apparent reason. A middle school teacher collapses in front of her class and dies. An airline pilot becomes incapacitated shortly after takeoff and later dies. A news executive, a kindergarten student, and an American Idol contestant…all die suddenly. What’s going on here? Is there any connection to COVID-19 or the shots? How long can we expect this to continue?

  • Patient Rights at Stake : January 23, 2023

    Back on December 13th, the guest on this Crosstalk was interviewed about a critical case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court dealing with patient rights. The case is Allen Gahl v. Aurora Healthcare, Inc. Questions in this case remain. What authority does a medical power of attorney hold? What are patients rights when a hospital refuses a standard of care that the patient or his representative requests? Returning to Crosstalk to discuss this case was Karen Mueller. Karen is the founder & general counsel for Amos Center for Justice and Liberty. She’s the lead attorney in this case representing Allen Gahl.