Bible Prophecy

  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: 11-14-22

    Guest: Dr. Rob Lindsted. Topic: All the global pieces are falling into place for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Topic: Brannon explains how Christians did not have good Bible prophecy resources prior to the early to mid 1970s. Topic: Brannon discusses meeting a Ukrainian Christian over the weekend that had just arrived in America for the first time the night before. Brannon explains how their shared interest and understanding of Bible prophecy made for an interesting conversation. Topic: Globalist religious leaders release the Ten Principles for Climate Repentance At COP27 in the shadow of Mt. Sinai. Topic: Red heifer sacrifice could start in one year. Topic: Could the Jews begin their sacrifices in a tabernacle before the Temple is built? Topic: What starts the clock ticking on the tribulation?