Worldview Report Transcript

  • What Will Happen If President Trump Gets Arrested?

    House leaders look to subpoena the corrupt Soros-funded D.A. going after former President Donald Trump. An overwhelming majority of Trump supporters in a new poll believe protesting the former president’s arrest would play right into the hands of those laying a trap similar to that which ensnared the J-6 protesters. Two Israeli lawmakers have introduced a bill in the Knesset that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Democrats Senators Continue The Push To Track Gun Purchases

    As Congress turns up the heat on the Biden crime family, suddenly Donald Trump is about to be arrested. Some say that’s no coincidence. A new army of illegals is poised to enter the U.S. through its wide-open border with Mexico, and this group did not walk or ride the bus. They came by train. A super majority of Americans now view China as the country that poses the greatest threat to the United States, according to a new poll.
  • Well-Known DJ and Vaccine Advocate Has Died Suddenly of a Stroke

    A whistleblower comes forward to give an account of how the Moderna vaccine devastated her life by triggering a life-threatening allergic reaction. A well-known D.J. in the United Kingdom who bragged about his vaccination status has died suddenly of a stroke. A 2-year-old girl has died in the United States one day after receiving a combination Covid-flu shot.
  • Has The Biden Crime Family Been Receiving Money From The CCP

    A Russian fighter jet intercepts an American reconnaissance drone in international waters in the Black Sea in an action the U.S. calls “unprofessional” and “environmentally unsound,” while the Russians said the drone was “a provocation.” Did Joe Biden just unilaterally nationalize the banking industry? A well-known financial analyst says yes.
  • Over 1000 Venezuelans Stormed Their Way Into The U.S. Illegally at The Texas Border Last Week

    Sleepy Joe Biden tries to reassure Americans that the banking system is safe and sound but refuses to field a single question regarding the federal government’s planned bailouts. One of the main beneficiaries of the bailout will be Chinese venture capital companies. Jane Fonda says the quiet part out loud, that she wants pro-life people to be murdered.
  • Robert Kiyosaki Warns a Third Financial Institution Will Likely Collapse

    Janet Yellen says there will be no bailout for Silicon Valley Bank, and the markets react with jitters as depositors appear poised for a potential economy-crushing bank run. Robert Kiyosaki warns that a third financial institution will likely collapse in the days ahead. General Motors is getting ready to cut loose 35,000 employees in Michigan after receiving millions in corporate perks from the state that were offered under the pretense that GM was “creating jobs.”
  • Russians Are Being Warned To Take Anti-Radiation Pills

    Russian forces are closing in on the key Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, while also sending a barrage of missiles into the capital of Kiev and other cities. Russians were warned to take anti-radiation pills and rush to their nearest nuclear bomb shelters after hackers compromised state television servers to broadcast chilling messages. Scientists in Japan claim to have created eggs from two male mice, technology that they say could lead to the ability of two human men to conceive a child.
  • Tensions Are Rising Between The U.S. and China

    New tensions with China as the Chinese foreign minister takes off the gloves and unleashes a serious warning to Joe Biden’s deep-state regime. 19 attorneys general from red states warn Walmart, Kroger, Costco and other big box stores not to ship abortion pills through the mail. A Wisconsin congressman is taking the lead in demanding that any pandemic treaty negotiated by the Biden regime must be ratified by the U.S. Senate, something the regime is trying to avoid at all costs.
  • Ken Paxton and G.O.A Are Seeking a Preliminary Injunction

    The Russians are moving their nuclear-armed submarines into positions off the coast of the United States, according to new reports from military sources. What’s it like working as an Amazon delivery driver. A whistleblower has come forward giving us a firsthand account that you don’t want to miss. State and federal law enforcement agencies are showing a lot of concern about the potential for violent protests in East Palestine while the rest of the government shows little interest in getting people there the help they need.
  • London Church Will Host A Drag Performance

    The U.S. and the E.U. are considering placing their economies on a war footing as they continue to ratchet up NATO’s proxy war with Russia, and Americans’ support for an expanded war effort drops to stunning lows. An FBI whistleblower tells Congress that the agency is relying on deliberately falsified numbers when it talks about domestic extremism and pro-life Americans being a threat to national security. Joe Biden laughs in response to a mother’s tragic testimony before Congress that she lost both of her sons to Fentanyl overdoses.
  • Cattle Inventory in U.S. At Lowest Point Since 1962

    The pushback against a digital dollar is starting to gain some limited traction in Congress. Mississippi has become the latest red state to ban healthcare professionals from medically transitioning children under 18 years of age. Have you missed a car payment lately? In the not-too-distant future, that could trigger a kill switch that leads your car to repossess itself.
  • Socialism Continues To Creep Its Way Into America

    Ukraine launches a massive drone attack on Russia as the world waits for Putin to strike back. The Biden regime's taxpayer-funded push for a so-called clean energy economy is benefiting the left's most prominent billionaire megadonors. The new socialist government of Brazil is forcing parents to vaccinate their children if they want to continue putting them in school or receiving any type of government assistance. Here in America, the state of Massachusetts is offering young children $75 gift cards if they will only get a DNA-altering, life threatening Covid vaccine.
  • Food Banks Are Bracing for a Major Spike in Demand

    The war between Russia and Ukraine is heating up, with both sides threatening new offensives. And we bring new evidence that the culture wars are also ratcheting up on the home front, in the U.S., Canada and Europe, with children being the main target. Another train derailment, this time in North Carolina. A holdover from the Covid emergency laws is about to expire, that being an extra monthly bonus for users of Food Stamps.
  • Joe Biden’s Landmark Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Benefits the Wealthy

    That Pfizer executive who spilled the beans to Project Veritas about the company’s nefarious gain-of-function operations also clued us in to how the company knows their Covid jabs are affecting women’s reproductive health, something he admits the company doesn’t understand and is concerned about. We have an update from Mike Adams on the future of the dollar and potentially your life’s savings.
  • Governments Around The World Are Being Encouraged to Introduce WWII Style Rationing

    Evidence of widespread corruption in the State of Arizona did not exclude its voting system, according to a bombshell testimony given before a joint state Senate and House Elections Committee. If you think the Covid vaccine was a danger to your health that needed to be avoided, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what the World Health Organization has planned for the future. The globalist body wants at least 500 new vaccines released to market by 2030 and, yes, many of them would be mRNA based injections.
  • U.N. Is Engaged In a Plot To Silence Free Speech

    China’s navy has surpassed that of the United States in terms of overall firepower, the U.S. secretary of the Navy has admitted in a shocking new report. A Russian security officer closely aligned with President Putin has let it be known that Russia will defend itself against NATO “with every weapon available.” China is reportedly in negotiations to sell kamikaze drones to Russia for use in Ukraine.
  • U.K. Is Blacklisting Websites They Find Too "Conservatives"

    The Worldview Report has learned that Joe Biden’s IRS is planning to target people for tax audits based on their racial and ethnic background. A raging fire broke out at a federal uranium facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, continuing a series of seemingly random attacks on U.S. infrastructure. Norfolk Southern’s CEO, who made $40 million last year, shows up in East Palestine, Ohio, and offers each family $1,000 as compensation for their pain and suffering. But there’s a catch.
  • The Biden Regime Is About to Surrender America's Sovereignty

    Russia suspends the last remaining nuclear proliferation treaty with the U.S., putting the world on notice that it is activating its nuclear arsenal for the first time since the Soviet era. Steve Kirsch is out with new data on the impact the Covid injections are having on women’s reproductive health. We have another train derailment and another major industrial fire as America’s critical infrastructure continues to go up in flames.
  • James O'Keefe Is Officially Leaving His Own Company, Project Veritas

    Another day, another explosion of a key piece of U.S. infrastructure. This time it’s a metals factory in Bedford, Ohio, about 70 miles from the site of a toxic train derailment in East Palestine. The town of East Palestine was targeted for a digital ID and medical tracking pilot program just weeks before the disastrous chemical fire. Another bizarre coincidence? We’ll fill you in. More sudden deaths of young healthy people to report as a large protest rally takes place over the weekend in front of the Pfizer headquarters in New York City.
  • Biden Appoints Susan Rice To Chair "Equity" Committee in White House

    Kamala Harris goes to Europe and accuses Vladimir Putin of crimes against humanity, poking the nuclear-armed bear and backing him further into a dangerous corner. Neocon Republican Nikki Haley, fresh off of announcing a potential presidential run in 2024, says that if she were president, she’d be shoveling even more U.S. taxpayer-funded military hardware. Biden’s biggest mistake, she says, is he hasn’t given Ukraine enough. The European Union is going all in with global digital IDs and digital money.
  • Western Involvement in The Russia-Ukraine War is Nearing "The No Point of Return"

    Artificial intelligence is rocking the technology world with new chatbots being introduced to great fanfare. But there’s a dark side when these entities go off the rails. Another train goes off the tracks, this time in Michigan, the fourth major derailment in less than two weeks. The Biden regime refuses to provide emergency aid to the town of East Palestine, Ohio, site of the worse environmental catastrophe in years.
  • Is A Virus Deadlier Than Ebola Coming to United States?

    We have a report that indicates the possible use of chemical weapons by Ukraine against Russian soldiers. China vowed to retaliate for the U.S. shooting down its supposed weather balloon. Joe Biden traveled to Maryland this week and referred to the state’s first black governor as “boy.” The E.U. Parliament agrees to ban nearly all gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035.
  • China Is Likely Responsible For an Aerial Phenomenon in Hawaii

    mRNA flu shots for chickens? The Biden regime is looking at the possibility. Russian warplanes are chased off by F-35s in northern Europe as they approach NATO airspace. We have a video timeline showing the devastation caused by that train derailment in Ohio. Damar Hamlin is asked point blank what doctors told him about the cause of his heart attack, and his answer will stun you.
  • The White House Is Creating a Team to Study UFOs

    A major train derailment carrying toxic chemicals explodes in an Ohio town and there’s virtually no reporting on it in the national media. We’ll get you up to date on the concerns of what is shaping up to be one of America’s worst environmental catastrophes in years. A U.S. border patrol agent drops dead of a heart attack, suddenly and unexpectedly. Five Canadian teenagers have died in their sleep over the past month.
  • Countless Young and Healthy People Continue To Die Suddenly And Unexpectedly

    There is reason to suspect tonight that the Ukrainian military is using chemical or biological weapons in its war with Russia and a recognized expert on this type of warfare is calling for a thorough investigation. A former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital admits the clinic rushes children into irreversible sex-change procedures, often against the wishes of parents. Intrigue at the White House and Pentagon as officials refuse to say what type of “objects” were shot down over Alaska and Michigan.
  • Second Republican Official Assassinated in NJ

    Another Republican city councilman has been murdered in New Jersey, the second such incident in one week in that state. Why are globalist elites attacking eggs, both in their propaganda messaging and by doing their best to make sure they remain scarce? We have a report that will answer that question. We have some shocking new data on the Covid vaccines from statistician Steve Kirsch.
  • China's Footprint in The U.S. Has Become Bigger Than Ever Before

    A blockbuster report by a famous American journalist alleges that Joe Biden ordered and oversaw the U.S. military sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. And a bombshell interview with Israel’s former prime minister Naftali Bennett lays the blame for the escalating Russia-Ukraine war firmly at the feet of the Biden regime. Sarah Huckabee Sanders throws down on Joe Biden in a rebuttal to the State of the Union address that is being widely praised by conservatives.
  • FBI Arrests Two Adults Plotting to Destroy a Maryland Energy Facility

    A large mob of transgender activists storms the Capitol in Oklahoma, yes, Oklahoma of all places, demanding that lawmakers back off of proposed bills to regulate so-called “gender affirming healthcare” in children. Two more arrests of people charged with trying to sabotage electric substations, this time in Maryland. Another major egg distribution facility burns to the ground. Fake meat falls flat as very few Americans are enticed by the idea of eating meat grown in a lab.