• Brannon Howse: December 10, 2020

    Guest: Jeffrey R. Nyquist. Topic: Understanding Russia’s Gray Terror, Their Islamic Block, and the Military Alliance of Russia and China for Global Dominance. Topic: China’s infiltration at the highest levels of American government. Topic: How China and Russia have set up companies in America through which to cover their infiltration of America. Topic: China has infiltrated America’s educational system. Topic: After decades of warning from authors and researchers such as Jeffery Nyquist and Brannon Howse, Americans are finally waking up to the dangers of global Communism. However, many see China as the great threat when in reality, it is Russia which has far more weapons than China. However, China and Russia are in a military alliance and thus are a combined threat. Topic: The role that Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia played in 9-11. Topic: How the CIA was infiltrated by the Communists since virtually their creation. Topic: The story of Tom Fife, an American with a security clearance that travels to Moscow in 1992 and was told over dinner by a smug Communist that America would have a black President named Barack in the very near future. Jeff reports this story that you have heard, but forgot. Jeff explains the importance to where America finds itself today.