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Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, January 22
Brannon Howse: January 22, 2018
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The Rise of Russia (Part 1) Ezekiel 38 describes a coalition of nation’s that come together to move against Israel. The coalition is a mixture of Marxist and Muslim nations. Historically Israel’s greatest defender has been America. It would make military sense to take out America before this coalition moves against Israel. Brannon reveals the evidence today that Russia is openly bragging that they are willing to use nuclear weapons not as a last resort but as a first strike strategy. While America’s military was greatly damaged under the 8 years of President Obama, Russia was and is advancing in technology that is impressive even to American military officers and experts. Are we seeing the military and global rise of Russia? Is the stage being set for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Broadcast Archive

(Program #102) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

The City of Jerusalem is the location that the Lord has chosen to dwell among His people, the Jewish People, forever. This Holy City will be the site of the Kingdom Temple where Jesus will rule and reign from for ever. It is the eternal city that is the center of God's plan for the future. These will be the the issues that Jimmy DeYoung and Winkie Medad will discuss on PTIB today, and in addition to the already mentioned subjects Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss that the EU is telling Israel that they must share Jerusalem with the Palestinians; that the Western Wall was invented by the Jews 50 years ago; and that there will be a "high-speed train" from the Ben Gurion Airport to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Once you’ve given up your bitterness against someone else, how do you repair the breach in your relationship? Many people live in a tangled web of hurt and alienation, and bridges need to be built to make things right.

​On this 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, Jim presented a tremendous amount of information that proves just how devastating this ruling continues to be.

While God will certainly have the last word on this issue, Jim let it be known that from the beginning, God is the giver of life. For example, he read from Genesis 1:26, Psalm 127:3, 2 Samuel 11:5, Psalm 139 beginning at verse 13, Jeremiah 1:4-5 and Proverbs 6:16-17.

After this, Jim played the news account of this infamous decision as delivered by CBS television news anchor, Walter Cronkite.

As this Crosstalk progressed, Jim highlighted numerous facts and news items that are mostly ignored by the secular media. For example:

--There are more than 3,657 abortions daily and 152 abortions per hour, every hour in the U.S.
--Since 1973 there have been more than 60.1 million abortions that have taken place in America. Of that total, over 18 million have been performed on black babies.
--A Cleveland, Ohio, abortion clinic is specifically targeting black women in a new billboard campaign.
--Planned Parenthood’s recently released annual report exposes them for what they are. Their death toll in 2017 alone was 321,384 innocent babies. That doesn't include the women who died from so-called, safe, legal abortions. So why aren't they listed among the worst serial killers in history?
--The National Review Online reports that Planned Parenthood's annual report reveals that they exist to provide abortions and not much else. Prenatal services have dropped steadily every year since 2009.
--Last year, 32 Planned Parenthood clinics closed. Some of this is due to President Trump allowing states to redirect funds away from the organization in favor of those that provide reproductive health care that does not include abortion.
--More women are choosing life for their babies after seeing ultrasound images of them.
--Even with a Republican president, Congress and Senate, our tax dollars are still going to fund that which is killing innocent human life.
--While Planned Parenthood performed 321,384 abortions in 2017, there were only 3,889 adoption referrals.
--Planned Parenthood's excess revenue increased from 77.5 million in 2015 to 98.5 million this past year while also receiving 543.7 million in taxpayer dollars in 2016.

There's much more to glean from this program, including the inspiring testimony of congresswoman Jaime Herarra Beutler, who talks about the fight for her own daughter's life.

Ongoing Islamization of our Schools (Part 1)

Economic News and Update for the week of Janaury 22, 2018

"The GateKeepers Radio Show | Episode 15 | Good Ole Boys Club | This week, Jeff makes his case for the Good Ole Boys Club mentality and why the religious elite are in error for behaving in this way. The show starts with a discussion of a comparison of the religious elite during the Reformation vs today. During last week’s episode of It’s Not Rocket Science, Jason Pratt discussed the issue of the GOBC and how the speakers at the Judge Not Conference are more hesitant to confront error within their own camp. Highlights of that show will be played and discussed. This episode covers a lot of ground, but deals with this reality of alliances within the church, thus creating double standards based upon friendships. 

Romans 1: 18-32 Depravity Continues Part 1

The headlines continue to spell out the ongoing judgment and depravity of a nation that is falling rapidly.

California passed new LGBT curriculum and parents can't opt out. Washington State introduces gender identification curriculum starting in kindergarten. WA State becomes the second state to legalize "gender X" on birth certificates- California to follow suit later this year. These are but some of the headlines that occur when a nation and more importantly God's church violate His Word and His precepts. 

Worst than these headlines is a compromised church that has lost its way and is contributing to the ongoing judgment in our nation. May we repent and turn back to God, restoring Him as our Creator. 

Please share these important programs with those you know, particularly in the Body of Christ. 




Running the Race on the Straight and Narrow Way

The “Race” in Romans 12:1 is a metaphor used to describe the earthly pilgrimage of those who trust Christ for their salvation.  God’s Word  provides the “runners” with everything they need to know in order to stay the course and finish well.

(Program #101) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

Today on PTIB Dave James will give his testimony of how he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. It was soon after Dave's salvation experience that he decided to start an in depth study of the Bible, especially a study on signs, wonders and miracles. As a result Dave became aware that at this time in history these so-called gifts have ceased. This is the issue that Jimmy DeYoung and Dave will discuss on this edition of PTIB. This is a very important discussion where Jimmy and Dave will sit at the broadcast table, with an open Bible, and study this very important subject. You do not want to miss this conversation.



Author and Biblical scholar Dr. John Whitcomb offers words of hope and anticipation to help us press forward during these spiritually challenging times in this message, which focuses on Christ as “Alpha and Omega.” With assistance from host Wayne Shepherd, he draws on the broad sweep of Scripture in this message—giving Biblical reasons to persevere in our service to the Lord until the day of His return. Our speaker goes all the way back to creation to establish this theme. This program truly embodies our mission on “Encounter God’s Truth,” which is to declare that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! In fact, Dr. Whitcomb encourages us to be faithful to take all 66 books of the Bible seriously. We trust that this broadcast—the first half of a short series—will be a great blessing to you. If it is, won’t you please consider sharing it with someone else as well?

Comments from a closed door meeting were all the rage in the news this week.  But is it really important?  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the underlying issues inside of – shall we say – outhouse countries and the importance of assimilation for those who immigrate here.  Why are the media spending so much time dissecting comments and ignoring the real issue of what's happening in these countries?

In our clip of the week, Dr. Ze'ev Maghen, Chair of Middle Eastern History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, speaks about the Iran protest as well as Sunnis and Shias in Iran and the Muslim world.

Since the media won't cover the Iranian protests, we'll talk with someone who will.  Ken Timmerman (, President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran joins us to discuss how these protests are different from those in 1979 and 2009 and why the powers that be in the West seem to favor the regime.

Did conservative social media sites have an impact on the 2016 election?  John Hawkins (, head of Right Wing News online, believes they did and now the social media giants are doing all they can to ban or otherwise impede the free speech and outreach of conservative accounts and pages.

Jesus said that Christians would not be popular with culture, but progressives within the church are trying to move Christian thought toward popularity.  Author and retired cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace ( advocates for stronger teaching of traditional Biblical principles and preparing our youth to defend their faith in secular society and in the church.

Finally, John takes a look at the history of fake news and how we arrived at the somewhat dysfunctional mainstream press we have today.  There is a war on freedom of speech and we are all – media and consumers alike – fighters in that war.

John’s quote of the week:

"Your religious worldview base will establish your ethics and your morals, which establishes what you view in terms of law, in terms of economics, and in terms of society.  You can't separate these things out – they are all one."

In this week’s Section 6, John looks at globalist history and the tactics they use, which explains their hatred toward Donald Trump who fights against them.  He goes on to discuss the change in global temperatures away from heating and how the alarmists are pushing us in the wrong direction.  Minority unemployment is down – how much of that is attributable to the President?  Finally, John examines Christian persecution and no-go zones in Sweden.


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​​With a big week of news so far, plenty of stories fill the list of today's News Round up on Crosstalk. 

Jim begins with audio from the White House today where for the first time, a sitting US President, addressed those attending a March for Life rally. The annual March for Life rally protests abortion and is held in Washington, D.C., on or around the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to legalize abortion in the Roe v. Wade case. Since that time, the U.S. has now "surpassed 60 million unborn babies killed by abortion" since 1973. 

In related news, the Trump Administration is poised to create new protections for health workers who have religious and or moral objections to certain procedures such as abortion or assisted suicide. Jim reports that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced yesterday that it is to create 'a new division under the office of civil rights responsible for investigating complaints filed by workers claiming that their employers have violated their religious rights. This new division is being called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division that will enforce laws and regulations that protect conscience and prohibit coercion on issues such as abortion  and assisted suicide...'   

In 'Are You Serious?' news, Jim shares a story from Switzerland that the country has 'outlawed boiling a live lobster.'  Advocates claim that lobsters can 'feel pain.' This order also requires the crustacean to be shipped in saltwater. Switzerland has also banned flushing live goldfish down the toilet. The hypocrisy is noted that Switzerland allows 'suicide tourism' where suicide clinics charge thousands of dollars to 'make their clients, dead.' The Swiss Supreme Court has even declared a constitutional right to assist suicide for the mentally ill. But now, the Swiss are worried about lobster 'feeling pain' yet, aborting the unborn is still ok?

These stories and much more are in today's Round up - and Jim takes your calls.

Best-selling author Matt Margolis discusses how the anti-Trump media bias is motivated by a desire to protect Obama's presidency. The author of two books on Obama, Margolis says Facebook actually censored his effort to promote his upcoming book, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama. He predicts the Left will engage in more censorship while attempting to put their Messiah Obama's likeness on U.S. currency.

How does the bible describe the Kingdom and the church's relationship to it? In this series, we've been going through Andy’s book, “The Coming Kingdom: How Kingdom Now Theology is Changing the Focus of the Church.” Pastor Andy Woods of Sugar Land Bible Church gives.