• Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: August 9, 2023

    Guest: Dr. Rob Lindsted. Topic: How the Cultural Marxists Are Using the LGBTQ Agenda to Terrorist Christians and Conservatives. LGBTQ agenda is being used to: 1. Groom children. 2. Sear their conscience and then turn them to attack Christians and conservatives. 3. Draw out the leaders of courage that oppose this perversion so they can be marked and targeted for prosecution and elimination. 4. To brainwash the public and legislatures into believing the LGBTQ deserve special legal protection and rights and thus pass hate-crime laws to criminalise free speech and Christianity. Topic: Almost everything is ready for the Third Temple. Topic: Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak declares that Israel is “hours away” from becoming a dictatorship.
  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: June 12, 2023

    U.S. Airforce orders commanders to be communist "useful idiots" and destroy UAF on edge of WWIII. Topic: Today Brannon reveals how the United States Airforce is being transformed from a fighting organization to an effeminate organization by the communists inside the U.S. government so that the U.S. military easily concurred by the communists both foreign and domestic. Brannon details on the U.S. Airforce and Secretary of Defense are encouraging the troops to take part in LGBTQ functions and at taxpayer expense. Topic: Brannon speaks of how the military he personally observed in the D.C. area from the time he was 4 till he was 12 has been complexly transformed. Topic: The nation is in grave danger and on the verge of a total Marxist revolution as the Administrative State of the U.S. government is on the verge of being completely controlled by the Marxists. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Crosstalk: June 1, 2022

    June is “gay pride” month, however, there should be no “pride” in what God calls an abomination.  We see the devastating progression in Romans 1 where it’s noted that God gave them up to uncleanness, vile affections and to a reprobate mind.  Is it possible that this is exactly where we’re at in our society today?
  • Crosstalk: June 15, 2022

    2 weeks ago on May 31st, Crosstalk aired a program communicating that we would be seeing an unleashing of a promotion of LGBTQ+ during June which is considered pride month.  Is that what’s happening?  Read the story headlines below and decide for yourself:
  • Brannon Howse: June 24, 2021

    A National Template of What is Unfolding. Topic: The Loudon County school board meeting erupts over not just critical race theory, also known as cultural Marxism, but also over the transgender agenda. The footage of their June 22, 2021 meeting has gone viral on social media and television media. Yet, very few of the media outlets are explaining why the parents, grandparents and taxpayers are rightfully upset and even expressing a righteous anger. A Virginia state law is calling on school districts to implement policies that allow so-called transgender boys to use the bathroom and showers of the girls. The law calls for teachers and students to be punished for not using the proper pronouns of a transgender. The law calls for schools to not question if a boy uses the girls bathroom and not to inform parents if their child is posing as the opposite sex at school. Any parent that does not support the transgenderism of their child is to be reported to Child Protection Services. Topic: We take your calls. 
  • Crosstalk: September 2, 2021

    One news item that never seems to take a break is the LGBTQ+ agenda.  Returning to comment on the latest news items related to this topic was Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.  
  • Crosstalk: November 2, 2021

    From media to education to politics to corporate America, the LGBTQ+ agenda continues to invade our society.  It’s all about normalizing that which is abnormal as mere tolerance is no longer acceptable.  Children in particular are being targeted by this agenda as it makes a direct attack upon God’s Word.  
  • American Family Association Film Features James White Who Senses Kindred Spirit with Jew Hating, Holocaust Denying, Hitler Defending Jihadi?

    The movement behind Revoice “LGBTQ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition” ( aka conservative churches and denominations) is alive and well. One of the primary thought  leaders is Mark Yarhouse. Yarhouse work is rapidly bringing the evangelical church  into full synchronization  with the American Psychological Association on the issues of LGBTQ or Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) . Banner