Brannon Howse: May 16, 2018

Topic: The true goal of the LGBTQ movement includes a Cultural Marxist agenda & not a live and let live issue, as many young folks think, but to aid in the building of a victim coalition with Christians, conservatives, and capitalists as the oppressors of the LGBTQ community. Brannon will explain how the LGBQ do NOT have a live and let live mentality when it comes to Christians, conservatives, and capitalists. Topic: Betty Friedan wrote the Manifesto on Feminism and was a known Marxist. Even the Guardian newspaper reported a few years ago what is well known within the feminist movement: to be a true feminist you must be a lesbian. Topic: The LGBTQ agenda is a Cultural Marxist agenda that seeks to redefine marriage, to destroy marriage; redefine the family, to destroy the family; redefine the roles of men and women in order to destroy motherhood and fatherhood. By destroying marriage you destroy the family which is the incubator for the continuation of a free-market system and values that sustain a constitutional republic and the continuation of Christianity. If the family is destroyed, then the welfare state increases, which increases the goal of Marxism, which is the redistribution of wealth through a more punitive, progressive income tax. Topic: The goal of the feminist-Marxist is to compare the institution of marriage to slavery and then blame the institution of marriage on the evil Christians and capitalists whom they claim are the source of all suffering and oppression. Topic: The goal of bringing the practicing LGBTQ community into mainstream evangelical churches is to move the church away from the absolutism of the Word of God through bullying, intimidation, and political correctness. Their goal is to wrap spirituality around their Cultural Marxism to appeal to the masses. Their goal is to establish women pastors through the feminist Marxist's agenda and make countless churches their propaganda centers. Their goal is to recruit young people into their lifestyle and to render the church no longer an opponent but a participant in their Cultural Marxist revolution. Topic: We take your calls.

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