Oklahoma City Bombing

  • Brannon Howse: September 1, 2021

    Guest: Anni Cyrus. Topic: Brannon explains how the deep state or shadow government has no issue with importing jihadis into America to carry out terrorist attacks on Americans. Topic: Brannon explains that Americans have for years been manipulated, abused, deceived, bullied and murdered by a shadow government or deep state. Brannon explains that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is one example of the deep state killing to accomplish their objectives. Brannon then uses the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing as further proof the shadow government will cover up the killing of countless Americans and use the narrative for their purposes.
  • Unit 999, Saddam Hussein, Oklahoma City Bombing and America’s Compromised Ports With Saddam Hussein’s Former Nuclear Mastermind

    Brannon: Howse: Alan, tell us about unit 999 and its connection to Saddam Hussein and the Oklahoma City bombing. Because I was going back last night through some old files listening to some old video recordings. And I'm convinced that the Oklahoma City bombing needs to be reinvestigated. I think there's more to that than we're being told.
  • Brannon Howse: November 10, 2020

    Guest: Mary Fanning and Alan Jones. Topic: The voter fraud is about a coup and the coup is necessary to cover their crimes and treason and to continue to surrender America to our national enemies hiding behind corporations that are now inside the wire. Topic: Listen as Brannon, Mary and Alan explain the big picture of the serious national security threat facing America. They set the table by playing an audio of Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell expelling the overwhelming and documented voter fraud. Topic: If the Biden team wins then they will be able to cover their crimes such as the Port Canaveral deal that Obama-Biden pushed through with Gulftainer that is co-owned by the Jafar family. Dr. Jafar was Saddam Hussein’s Deputy Defense Minister and Senior nuclear advisor. Topic: According to World Bank IFC documents, Gulftainer is co-owned by the Emir of Sharjah, UAE and Hamid Dhia Jafar. Topic: Badr Jafar, Hamid’s son and Chair of Gultainer’s Executive Board, visited the Obama White House six weeks before the Port Canaveral Gulftainer deal was confirmed. Topic: Mary and Alan explain Dr. Jafar’s connections to DGMI, the Iraqi spy agency that ran Unit 999, are particularly concerning because they establish a connection between the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and Gulftainer, the Iraqi ports company that built their Port Canaveral container terminal adjacent to U.S. Navy Trident submarines, Canaveral Space Force Station, and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Topic: By stealing the vote illegally and overthrowing our Constitutional Republic, not only will Obama and Biden get away with their subversion and what many describe as treason, but Biden will and his Administration will be empowered to continue to surrender America to our enemies by placing them on our soil through business deals and corporations that hide this trojan horse. America’s enemies will also have the ability to continue to set up for Pearl Harbor 2.0 just as a Russian military defense manual bragged when translated into English.