Unit 999, Saddam Hussein, Oklahoma City Bombing and America’s Compromised Ports With Saddam Hussein’s Former Nuclear Mastermind

Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020

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Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020


Brannon: Howse: Alan, tell us about unit 999 and its connection to Saddam Hussein and the Oklahoma City bombing. Because I was going back last night through some old files listening to some old video recordings. And I'm convinced that the Oklahoma City bombing needs to be reinvestigated. I think there's more to that than we're being told. If you remember when that happened, they were talking about a third suspect. And I think they even put out a sketch of him and said he was a Middle Eastern guy. And all of a sudden, voila; they don't want to talk about that guy anymore. Do you remember that?

Alan Jones: Absolutely. And some of the best reporting on Oklahoma City actually was from a television reporter out of Oklahoma City named Jayna Davis. And she wasn't going with the program. And she was going to uncover what actually happened there. So you're absolutely right. There were multiple witnesses who saw the "third bomber." And there was even an FBI bulletin to be on the lookout for this individual.

Brannon Howse: Yes. Yes.

Alan Jones: Then all of a sudden, he sort of disappeared off the radar, and then you just have the two American suspects, Terry Nichols and McVeigh. But Jayna Davis gives up on this guy. It turns out there was an Iraqi named Al Husseini who had been in the Iraqi Republican Guard. So she worked with a former CIA high-level-intelligence official who had actually been a briefer to the President. And this CIA official said that in his best estimation that Al Husseini – the suspected third bomber of the Oklahoma City Murrah building – was recruited from the Republican Guard – which was Saddam's special forces – and was actually part of unit 999; which was Saddam's covert overseas action group. These were terrorists who were trained to go into foreign countries and conduct terrorist operations. 

Brannon Howse: And so, why did our country work so hard to bury that third suspect and then feed this baloney to the American people about these two guys, who, by the way, I think were involved, and I think they had...they were with their weird worldview led to be involved in that in some way with a fertilizer truck. But from my research – and correct me if I'm wrong—I have no problem with you correcting. I don’t want to put out false information. But from my research, I'm led to believe that fertilizer bomb was a cover for the real bomb, and then you have your little patsies here that let it loose. But there's no way scientifically speaking that a fertilizer bomb – even of that size – could do what that explosion ended up accomplishing. So would you agree with all that?

Alan Jones: There were definitely explosive experts; one from the US Air Force who-

Brannon Howse: Are you talking about General Ben Partin?

Alan Jones: That may be correct. I don't exactly remember his name.

Mary Fanning: No. It's actually Colonel Lang.

Brannon Howse: Okay. But there's also a General Ben Partin. You can find him on YouTube. He's a Brigadier General. He was retired. This was his area of expertise that he did for the military. Folks, you should look him up, read his bio. He gave speech after speech after speech talking about how this fertilizer bomb was not what really did it. This was some kind of cover that they were able to use and then push this off onto people – these two guys. But there was way more done to this. It's very extensive, very scientific. Ironically, one of my very, very best friends in Northern Virginia was the pastor that just did his funeral last year; or this year—earlier this year. I guess he died a rather older gentleman. But he tried warning the American people. So he is out there on record saying, "This didn't pass the smell test." So pick it back up there, Alan; this unit 999 connected back to Saddam Hussein. What does that have to do with voter fraud? What does that have to do with the Club-K car? What does that have to do with anything we're talking about?

Alan Jones: So we wrote a paper, and we counted Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar – the brother of...owner of Gulftainer to unit 999 through the structure of Iraqi military intelligence, the DGMI—Director General of Military Intelligence in Iraq. But I just want to give your listeners sort of like the 30,000-foot view of what we're looking at here. So the way the Soviet Union in Russia operated throughout history is that they like to use proxy countries. In other words, satellite countries that they can use as front countries to do their dirty work. 

Brannon Howse: It's also called gray terror. Is that also called gray terror?

Alan Jones: Not familiar with that term. But they've kind of modernized their playbook. So now what they do is, they use these front companies that have boards of directors, etc., to operate for them. Iraq was a front country for Russia. Russia through – Yevgeny Primakov. He was their KGB operative and foreign minister and ambassador to Iraq. He helped Dr. Jafar develop their weapon of mass destruction program. Now, Dr.  Jafar is connected to unit 999. So what we're looking here...is, things track back to Russia; Oklahoma City through unit 999; tracks back to Russia through Iraq. Now, the takeover of our US ports through Gulftainer – which is owned by Iraqis who were working closely with the Russians and entered a joint venture with Rostec/Rosoboronexport, a foreign export – which exports the Club-K container missile system. 

That puts them squarely working with Russian intelligence, working with the Russian military, taking over our seaport. Which is part – if you were a military planner for Russia, what would you want to do? You would want to take out our nuclear triad. That's our long-range bombers like B-52s. Now, the B-1s and B-2s…which we don't have very many bases for those. During the Cold War, we had dozens of B-52 bases everywhere. But the base realignment under Clinton, they took most of those away. So Russia has very few targets they have to hit now. They need to hit our submarine bases on the east and west coast – that's Kitsap in Washington and King's Bay in Georgia. Now, conveniently, Gulftainer tried to get into the Port of Jacksonville, just a few miles away from King's Bay Submarine Base. Naval submarine base King's Bay is the home of our Trident ballistic submarines on the East Coast. On the Battle of the Atlantic, those are the submarines we need. 

Brannon Howse: The nuclear triad makes up your bomber bases, your sub bases – and what's the third?

Alan Jones: The third would be your missile silos, like the ones up in the Dakotas. 

Brannon Howse: So, Mary, now we see how this is all connected. And the reason we bring up Oklahoma City bombing is to show you that these people have done this before. We covered – apparently, someone covered for them. I don't know why they didn't want the truth out. Why was the Clinton Administration apparently so eager to cover this up?

Mary Fanning: Well, there's a couple of reasons. But keep in mind, Husseini – this terrorist, part of unit 999 that trained it at Salman Pak, an Al-Qaeda training camp – he was also connected to someone very interesting. He was connected to Ramzi Yousef who was arrested for the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. People need to understand this man was connected to Ramzi Yousef. He's the one who took – who had the bombing in 1993 at the World Trade Center. But you also need to understand that he's the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on this country. Understand that these people are all connected.

Brannon Howse: And so, again. Mary, how does all this relate to voter fraud?

Mary Fanning: The Clintons-

Brannon Howse: Well, no, the voter fraud. Remind our audience so they don't think we've gone off into the weeds. How does all of this relate to voter fraud and the coup d'état that's now underway through the voting system.

Mary Fanning: Well, that's exactly right. This is a coup d'état underway. This isn't just a fight about these votes and those votes. This is a massive coup d'état, the type that you would see in the Bolshevik revolution or a third-world country. And the voter fraud is simply to steal this country. And the HAMMER is to continue to hold the keys to the kingdom where they own the keys to the door of the Gulag. 

Brannon Howse: And of course, to discredit the HAMMER they have to discredit the people that talk about it. Which means they also have to discredit the guy who built it. Tell me, Alan, how there was a smear campaign against Dennis Montgomery and how yet even National Geographic is now admitting things that we know to be true? That they actually had – National Geographic actually had to confirm some things that other groups were saying was not true. Tell me about that. 

Alan Jones: Sure. So Dennis Montgomery has been a defense contractor for many years. He's had contracts with the Defense Department, the Air Force and later worked for the CIA as a contractor. And they basically launched a smear campaign against Dennis. And there were articles that came out, most notably in the New York Times in which they claimed that he had tried to sell, “Hoax technology to the CIA” – the CIA has sort of fallen for it and paid millions of dollars for something that didn't work. Now, the technology could actually detect embedded messages in video. And those were Al-Qaeda videos. And those videos would subsequently air over the Al Jazeera television network. 

So they come out with this claim that CIA sources were saying that it didn't work, and it was a hoax technology. However, this past September on the anniversary of September 11th the National Geographic channel aired a special. Actually, I think they aired it the night before. So that would've been September 10th. And during the special, they had Peter Bergen – who was the former...I think he still worked for CNN. You've probably seen him reporting from Iraq and other places. He's their national security terrorism expert. And they actually had an expert on there who had seen all this intelligence from Abbottabad, which was captured during the raid of Bin Laden's home. And they actually said that Al-Qaeda was distributing pornographic films amongst the different terrorists in their network and that embedded in those films were secret messages to Al-Qaeda. This is like terrorism network messages; therefore, proving that Montgomery was right that Al-Qaeda was embedding messages in videos. 

Brannon Howse: And yet, they've also made – if you got on the internet, you find all kinds of trash about him. I don’t even want to get into all the things they said. But this is all fake; in other words, Mary, you can confirm – Alan, you can confirm – to our audience, both of you, that the stories about this guy being this hoaxster, and fake, and criminal, and can't be trusted...that's not correct. This is all typical Communist, Marxist, "destroy the messenger," tactics. Correct?

Mary Fanning: Well, he knew too much about what they were doing. Remember, he built this tool to keep America safe. But most important, after they tried to destroy his reputation and they put out a lot of information that he was a hoaxster and a fraud, they hired Dennis Montgomery back for millions of dollars.

Brannon Howse: The government did. 

Mary Fanning: Yes. Brennan and Clapper.

Brannon Howse: Because?

Mary Fanning: Because all that was hoax material to try to cover up. They didn't want anyone looking at the information that Montgomery was providing. Because he was telling the truth. Remember. He then became a whistleblower because they had turned the powerful surveillance tool, instead of against terrorists, they turned it against America.

Brannon Howse: We're just scratching the surface. But right now, we have a lot to learn. You're learning. I'm learning. We're learning from them. Okay? And then if we've learned, we're going to ask questions. Now, I asked the question before the break, "Where else are you hearing this, folks?" These guys have written a lot of research, and I've been aware of it obviously because I used some of it in my documentary, Sabotage. But I wasn't aware of a lot of it. And I built a friendship with Mary, and I had her credibility confirmed to me by people – including three-star General (retired) McInerney and others. And so, Mary and I have spent – I would guess we're going on 20 hours on the phone in the last week. What would you say, Mary? 15 to 20 hours?

Mary Fanning: Probably about right. 

Brannon Howse: And we're learning a lot. And we're connecting dots and showing you the serious national security threat. Now, you say, "Brannon, you're on Christian Radio. Can you bring in the Christian worldview perspective here?" I can. The Bible speaks to the issue of national security. What is the function and purpose of government? Reward the righteous, punish the wicked. What does the Bible say to us? "He is a fool who does not provide for his own family." That's speaking – worse than an infidel. Worse than an infidel. This is speaking spiritually, physically. We are talking about surveilling churches they did with the HAMMER—Christian churches, pastors. So is that a Christian worldview issue, folks? That's the stuff of Gestapo. That's Nazi Germany stuff; surveilling churches and synagogues. 

Now, why would they want to do that, folks? What do you think is going to be the retribution on those of us that have spoken truth? What do you think is going to be the retribution on those who hold up a Biblical worldview in the area of law and science and economics and history and family and social issues and national security? So I could preach a series on why these are all Biblical worldview issues. But we have to understand you're not getting this from Fox News, and I wonder why. Mary, do you know anyone else putting these dots together? In other words, have you guys been on a network on 53 stations, some of them 50,000, 100-000-watt stations and given days to explain to the American people the very serious problem we have with our national adversaries over the wire and in the country and about to install a guy who's helped him do all this as commander and chief? Has anyone else given you this kind of air time?

Mary Fanning: No, Brannon. But beyond that, there's very few people who understand the issues as you do. You're able to downstream it. You put pieces of a puzzle together well. This is what we've done working as national security journalists. This is why we wrote so many pieces for the Center for Security Policy. Because we were – the enemy was inside the wire, we were being sold out. But if people didn't understand that we're not looking at fighting Iran, or we're fighting Iraq, or we're fighting Syria; we're looking at the Islamic block – the Islamic block – that was put together by none other than Yevgeny Primakov, the Russian ambassador to Iraq who...interestingly enough, I have such a question. I don't understand why Madeline Albright was having dinner and SCIF with, you know, Yevgeny Primakov.

Brannon Howse: SCIFs for the lay people is secure conference – what is it?

Mary Fanning: It's a secure compartment and information facility. 

Brannon Howse: Okay. So she's having-

Mary Fanning: It's a facility that you can't hack into or listen. 

Brannon Howse: Okay. 

Mary Fanning: And she was having dinner with Yevgeny Primakov and Strobe Talbott of the Brookings Institute who has tight ties to Russia—through the Clintons.

Brannon Howse: So again. This is not being laid out for people. And I hear a lot of talk, on talk radio and TV. But, Alan, this isn't being laid out like we're doing today for the American people to realize. And this is why we understand now that General McInerney and these guys – the late Admiral Lyons – this is why these guys were so, so concerned with the fate of the nation. Correct, Alan?

Alan Fanning: Yes. Admiral Lyons was former commander of the Pacific Fleet, which was the largest military command in the world for the US Navy. Now, just to explain why this is so critical with Gulftainer having our ports. As I mentioned, Gulftainer entered a joint venture where the exporter of Russia's Club-K container missile system. This looks like the standard intermodal cargo container like you would see on rail cars or on tractor trailers on the interstate. But it's actually a Trojan horse weapon system that launches caliber cruise missiles. These are Russian cruise missiles just as good as our Tomahawks that can travel at supersonic speeds – that's faster than the speed of sound – that can deliver nuclear electromagnetic pulse, EMP, biological and chemical or conventional warheads.

So imagine that Gulftainer has our ports in Port Canaveral or in Wilmington, Delaware where Joseph Biden, of course, is from. They get these smuggled in through our ports through the containers. They put them on rail cars or tractor trailers, and they go to every hamlet in America. If you set one of those Club-Ks up on a rail car, tractor trailer near one of our bases – near a submarine base, near our missile silos, near a B-52, B-1, B-2 base, you can activate from a Russian satellite or at any other satellite of our adversaries like North Korea, you could activate these missiles, and they could hit our bases in a matter of seconds or minutes, take our US cities, take out our military first response for a nuclear war so that we wouldn't be able to actually react to a pre-emptive attack from Russia. And that would be launched from inside the United States, not outside.

Brannon Howse: And that's Pearl Harbor 2.0 that the Russians have already written in their military defense manual that's been translated into English. And we did a whole TV show on that last year, Pearl Harbor 2.0, based on your excellent work. So for those who think this is fantasy, if it's fantasy, why is there a Russian military manual describing what you just laid out?

Alan Fanning: Right. The Russian Defense Journals, they laid out where they would launch from the Club-K units which would be inside the wire in our country on the trucks, on the rail cars. Simultaneously, they would launch from submarines off our east and west coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Don't forget about the Gulf of Mexico. And from freighters that look like container ships 'cause it's full of these boxes. But some of those containers would carry the Club-K and Russia's icebreakers in the polar region now, in the Arctic. They've armed those with Club-Ks, with these missiles. And the freighter ships everywhere; the Russian Navy, all of them – they got the Club-K everywhere.

Brannon Howse:  And, Mary, I have a friend in military and other intelligence arenas that have told me they went and vetted your paper after we talked about it on the air. They've printed it out, and they've given it to generals. They've given it to members of Congress that are high-ranking on committees, and some of them did not know this until we reported it, he heard it, gave it to these people. And they couldn't refute it 'cause it is true. And what scares them the most is, they don't know what's here and what's not here.

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