Gary Kah

  • Crosstalk: December 1, 2021

    Chris discusses the Thanksgiving holiday and the ongoing attempts by Marxist agitators in the media to rewrite America’ss history, in order to discredit the very foundations of our republic. We also review some of the top stories happening right now, including the not guilty verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse, which many argue has protected our national right of self defense across the country. Also discussed is Senator Kenney with Professor Saule Omarova. The republican senator specifically focuses on Omarova’s communist background, at one point asking her about her membership in a Communist organization while in the Soviet Union, attempting to learn if she was still part of the organization.
  • Crosstalk: July 16, 2020

    Is all of this signaling the end of America as we know it?  Joining Jim to examine this and related issues was Gary Kah.  Gary is the founder and director of Hope For the World.  He’s the former Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.  In 1987, Gary was invited to join the World Constitution and Parliament Association, one of the organizations involved at the forefront of promoting the world government agenda.  During the next 4 years he obtained detailed documents which demonstrated that the push toward a one-world government was active and rapidly advancing.  Gary is the author of ‘Enroute to Global Occupation’ and ‘The New World Religion.’