Understanding The Book of Acts

  • John Whitcomb: February 15, 2021

    The book of Acts tells us step-by-step how the gospel began to go to the entire world. But, as Dr. John Whitcomb will explain today on “Encounter God’s Truth,” Acts is not always the easiest book of the Bible to understand. We will go into some of the intricate distinctions that this book makes as we listen to the conclusion of Dr. Whitcomb’s message called “The Scattered Scattering.” It’s the opening lesson in Volume Three of his series on “Acts: Witness of the Early Church.” Amazingly, the gospel goes to the Gentiles beginning here in Acts 8, and it happens “through the ministry of a layman named Philip.” With help from host Wayne Shepherd, Whitcomb Ministries shares this broadcast outreach based on the certainty that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. 

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