Terry Turchie

  • Retired FBI Agents: Democrats are Deconstructing America so they can 'Build Back Better' According to Marxist Utopian Ideas

    Brannon Howse of WVW TV hosted a four-hour special report on Nov. 14 featuring a symposium of distinguished retired FBI agents discussing what they believe is an ongoing Marxist revolution in America. The reason the revolution continues to plod forward is because so few in politics today are willing to call it what it is, said Terry Turchie, who spent 29 years in the FBI and authored the book, In Their Own Words: The Democratic Party's Push for a Communist America.
  • Brannon Howse: May 7, 2021

    Guest: Terry Turchie. Topic: Terry Turchie and Brannon discuss brainwashing. Topic: How the communists infiltrate our national security agencies. Topic: Why the FBI stopped monitoring the Communist Party USA and how the FBI now assists in the rise of the Islamists and Communist within our intelligence agencies and government. Topic: Former high ranking FBI leadership endorse book by Terry Turchie and warn about Communist infiltration into our nation. Topic: How the Communists are setting up capitalists to blame for our nation's woes. Topic: How the government is paying Americans not to work. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: January 26, 2021

    Guest: Carl Teichrib and Terry Turchie. Global Reset And Democratic Party is a Terrorist Organization Topic: Carl joins us for another report on the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. The President of the European Commission in her speech complained about former President Donald Trump, pushed for a digital society and called for a global counsel to decided internet rules and who gets kicked off the World Wide Web. Topic: Terry Turchie, Former Assistant Director of the Counter Terrorism Division of the FBI joins us again as we continue to discuss new information from his book, In Their Own Words: How the Democratic Party is Pushing us Toward a Communist America. Terry gives us the definition of terrorism and then explains how the Democratic Party meets that definition and then how the FBI in many regards has acted as their enforcer. Topic: Terry explains how the FBI has become so political. Topic: How long before the FBI comes knocking on Brannon’s door and that of other conservatives for what they talk about on their radio and television programs? Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: January 15, 2021

    Guest: Terry Turchie, Former Assistant Director of the Counter-Terrorism Division For The FBI. This is our third radio interview with Terry and we are just scratching the surface of what he covers in his book on how the democrats are pushing us toward a Communist America. Topic: How the FBI has allowed the agents of Russia, China, Cuba, Iran and Islam to infiltrate America. Topic: Terry covers the murder of white police officers by black shooters and how the media continued to agitate for the communist movement of Black Lives Matter. Terry then describes how Obama used the funerals of some of the slain officers to agitate for racial unrest. Topic: Terry describes how wrong it is that the FBI is calling WVW Broadcaster Pastor Shahram Hadian for simply being at the President’s speech in D.C. on January 6, 2021 and then reporting on it while the FBI has taken a pass on interviewing serious national security threats such one specific American taking trips to Communist Cuba.
  • Brannon Howse: December 30, 2020

    A Former Senior Ranking FBI Official Warns Americans that the Democratic Party Has Been Taken Over By Communists. Guest: Terry D. Turchie is a former Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI. His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of the two most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history. Topic: We would not be where we are today with the Communist revolution now underway in America if the FBI had done their job and not become a completely different organization as it has over the past several years. Topic: Who runs the FBI today?
  • John Loeffler: June 23, 2020

    These riots and protests and revolutions are not this country’s first rodeo.  Former FBI Counterterrorism Assistant Director Terry Turchie joins us to examine anarchists of yesteryear, such as the Weather Underground, and compare them to the radicals we see today.  For one political party, today’s platform is yesterday’s manifesto.