• Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: September 13, 2022

    Guests: Col. John Eidsmoe and Col. John Mills. Topic: Brannon explains all the things the Marxists have done and are doing that proves they will go hyper violent on Americans. Topic: Pack The Supreme Court and Russia Could Go Nuclear in Ukraine. Topic: China is becoming more aggressive with Taiwan and Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone. Topic: Why the risk of World War III is now the highest in decades. 
  • John Loeffler: October 19, 2021

    The Warsaw Security Forum was held last week, highlighting the geopolitics of military defense.  First up this week is one of our regular guests who attended that conference, Ukraine-based defense expert Reuben Johnson.  He examines NATO’s defense against possible Russian aggression, the future of the manufacture of weapon systems, how countries are questioning the Biden administration after the debacle in Afghanistan, and China’s provocation toward Taiwan as they deal with internal problems.
  • Peter Pry: October 18, 2021

    Dr. Pry examines the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and the present looming crisis with China over Taiwan, finding similarities and dissimilarities. Taiwan could become another nuclear crisis, like the 1962 nuclear crisis over Cuba, except this time the U.S. could be humiliated, maybe even destroyed in a nuclear World War III, because China has all the advantages today, as did the U.S. over the USSR in 1962.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: April 29, 2021

    The geo-political events happening in our world today are setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. That is why Jimmy DeYoung brings Ken Timmerman to the Broadcast Table on a weekly basis to give our audience Ken's insight into these geopolitical activities. Today, Jimmy and Ken will discuss China, Russia, Taiwan, Iran, and Syria. This report will help you to understand how God's Prophetic Scenario is quickly coming into place.