Russia and Ukraine

  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: November 18, 2022

    Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Brannon begins the program by asking if far too many Americans have been brainwashed by the propaganda pumped into America by Russian President Putin and his allies? The night before Brannon interviewed a Christian man in studio from Ukraine. The gentleman gave a report from a “man on the street” perspective and as a Christian.
  • John Loeffler: March 22, 2022

    From the multi-faceted destructive plans of the globalists to the similar, more local tactics of change agents, the fundamental transformation of society rolls on. But when the West projects weak leadership, the transformation rolls a little faster. First up this week is retired U.S. Navy Captain James Fanell, who looks at the disconnect in the Western press between what’s happening in Ukraine and the reality of why it’s happening. Weakness in American government has given Vladmir Putin the green light to attack Ukraine. Captain Fanell also discusses how China is taking advantage of our weakness to fill Russia’s new economic void. The globalists’ overall plan, called the Great Reset, involves transforming the economic landscape. Like with China’s social credit score, this transformation will involve what is known as ESG scores for businesses. Here to examine ESG is Pat Wood (, Editor of Technocracy News and Executive Director of Citizens for Free Speech. He shows how companies are being forced to comply with sustainable development and climate change policies in order to survive. Companies are evaluated subjectively based on leftist narratives rather than objectively. Once ESG takes hold, it will affect not only the business marketplace, but also our ability to function within it. Attention Worldview Weekend Listeners: Subscribe to listen to today's show in its entirety with the 30% discount code: WVW30. Get full-length archived episodes, teaching videos, Premium downloads and more! Packages start at just $10 per month. Subscribe today at
  • Is Ukraine at the Center of a Globalist Cabal and Money Laundering for Oligarchs and Their Allies in the United States? Worldview Report Transcript For March 22, 2022

    Many of you may be familiar with the name Lara Logan. She is a former CBS News reporter who has also done some work for Fox News until that network cut her loose for telling too much truth. Logan recently torched the mainstream media narrative being built around Ukraine and its “parading around in high-heels” president, Mr. Zelensky. In a recent appearance on the Cowboy Logic podcast, Logan gave a brutally honest assessment of what’s really going on in Ukraine when she said: “Ukraine is at the center of this cult of globalists” and that cult is based on “money laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States,” while “the Ukrainian people are being exploited by evil, horrible people.”
  • The Nuclear Crisis Nobody Knows

    President Biden’s first State of the Union address neglected to mention the little fact that his Ukraine policy has brought the world to the brink of a thermonuclear holocaust. On Sunday (February 27, 2022), Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered his nuclear forces on “high alert” or “special alert” or “highest alert” as variously reported by Russian and Western sources. Banner