Middle East

  • Jimmy DeYoung: January 5, 2021

    Today on PTIB Jimmy De Young will begin a five-part series on the prophetic scenario for the New Year, "2021-A Prophetic Prospective". Ken Timmerman will come to Jimmy's Broadcast Table, here on PTIB, to begin this series as Jimmy and Ken look at geopolitical events ahead in 2021. First, Jimmy and Ken will look at how a Biden Administration may handle Iran. Russia and China. Then they will discuss the agenda's of Iran, Russia, and China. This is the first part of a five-part series that you do not want to miss.
  • Jimmy DeYoung: November 17, 2020

    With the uncertainty of the final results in the recent Presidential Election, it is good for all of us to take a deep breath, and open the Bible. Today on Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing, that is exactly what we are going to do, open the Bible. Jimmy DeYoung will bring Ken Timmerman to his Broadcast Table. Jimmy and Ken will discuss how the Middle East leaders have a mixed reaction to a possible Biden Presidency; they are concerned that it could be a "re-make" of the Obama Presidency; and then they will look at the statements from the Russians, the Turks, and other world leaders.