Gun Owners of America

  • Brannon Howse: October 14, 2020

    Guest: Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America. Topic: God, Guns, Gold, Genocide and Granola. This upcoming election will be about liberty and freedom or empowering local, state, and federal government that can control our religious freedom, ability to own guns, control our money, kill children and adults through abortion, infanticide and active euthanasia and control our food supply. Topic: St. Louis couple is charged for defending their lives and property. This is a sign of things to come under a Biden-Harris Administration. Topic: The increasing restrictions on Americans ability to purchase guns. Topic: The narrative is being laid of a large Biden victory so that if it does not occur than Trump will be accused of stealing the election and thus create massive civil unrest. Topic: We take your calls.
  • Brannon Howse: June 22, 2020

    Guest: Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America. Topic: The U.S. Supreme Court turns against the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is vital as it is how we maintain our political, economic and religious liberty. Topic: One of the founders of BLM admits their goal is not civil rights for black Americans but the removal of President Trump from office.