David Baldovin

  • Brannon Howse: August 19, 2020

    We warned and you warned and we were mocked for the warnings and yet what we warned about is now occurring. What is next and will Americans now listen and prepare? (Part 2) Topic: Brannon lists ten ways in which America has and is being transformed by the Coronavirus. Topic: Hear audio from February 15, 2019 in which Brannon warned his listeners America was entering the stage of chaos and now here we are. Topic: Hear the audio from Brannon interviewing former FBI agent David Baldovin as he reads from a 2013 letter from acting FBI agents in which they discuss how religious and conservative FBI agents were being persecuted within the bureau itself. Brannon played this clip to once again warn the American people that the FBI will not protect the civil rights of Christians and conservatives but in fact are being trained that we are the problem and they persecute their own conservative and religious agents. Topic: Military veteran and business owner warns the board of supervisors of Shasta County, California that business owners and patriots are not going to take it much longer. He warned them that the people were building and organizing to oppose them. Topic: We take your calls.