• Brannon Howse: June 29, 2021

    Guest: Pastor Artur Pawlowski: Canadian Pastor Faces Four Years In Prison For Holding Church Services. Topic: Pastor In Poland, Pawlowski’s grandparents confronted the Nazis and he and his parents confronted the Communists being the Iron Curtain. Today in Canada the elected officials and police are acting like Nazis and Communists as they shut down churches and arrest pastors and political opponents. Pastor Pawlowski tells of his arrest, strip search and being chained to a wall for three days. On the morning of this interview Pastor Pawlowski found out he could face four years in prison for keeping his church open during the Covid scamdemic. Topic: Pastor Pawlowski tells of how politicians that are filmed and photographed drinking and partying without masks and no social distancing but are not ticketed or arrested. However, political opponents that attend freedom rallies are thrown in prison. Topic: Pastor Pawlowki explains why he is on a speaking tour in America and why he believes only Americans can stop the global slide into tyranny in which the world is now descending.