• Chris Pinto: August 20, 2020

    Chris discusses the increasing, totalitarian nature of the forced-mask agenda, as Joe Biden and the Democrats call for nation-wide mandatory masks - despite the fact that medical professionals continue to tell us that the masks are ineffective. The Coronavirus agenda continues to advance across the globe, even though it is now shown that Covid-19 is less dangerous than the common flu. We hear audio from British journalist, Katie Hopkins on the situation in New Zealand, where globalist leader Jacinda Ardern pushes for tighter control over the people. It is reported that sweeping legislation now allows government agents to enter the home, and take family members to government detainment camps. Meanwhile, Melbourne Australia is seeing an even stricter lockdown with curfews and heavy policing for violators. We also hear from a U.S. veteran and business owner who confronts the government in Redding, California and warns of a coming revolution if things don’t change.