Christian Economic Forum

  • Globalist Dream: "Reimagining Church Real Estate to Turn Churches into Slum Lords?

    Recently this site reported on the rise of the “Christian Economic Forum ” as a “Davos for Christian Leaders” pushing “Faith Driven Investing” toward Global Sustainability Goals with World Economic Forum and BlackRock Inc. leaders and thinkers in tow. If these efforts succeed the plan will grab a lions share of the the boasted $150 Trillion in wealth “in the hands of Christians” in the West. If the church and believers in mass buy in – then the giant sucking sound will the God entrusted resources of Christians and the churches being exploited in real time away from true Gospel eternal focus and on to “building a better world” and “building back better “as the globalist see it. If this is not the case then it behoves those selling the idea to prove they have no connection to WEF/ BlackRock/ Agenda 2030/Urbanization and the 17 UN Global Sustainability Goals. That denial is going to an impossible task given how openly evangelical leaders like Tim Keller, Ed Stetzer, Rick Warren,David Platt, J D Greear, Francis Collins and now many local pastors have aligned themselves with these partners and their goals.