Brainwashed America

  • Brannon Howse: February 18, 2021

    Brainwashed America Part 1: Program Three. Today Brannon begins to play audio from his latest docuMovie Brainwashed America. Last night, February 15, 2021 was the world premier and now the entire two hour docuMovie is available for free for people to stream online. This was a big step for WVW Broadcast Network because all our past DVDs were not free but we sold them to cover the cost of production and to put the profits toward our general operating budget. Brannon believed this information is so vital to get out to the American people, at this crucial time in our history as a nation, that he chose to make it available to stream for free online. Please help us get out the world about this docuMovie to as many Americans as possible by inviting them to go to In today’s show we take calls from many listeners that saw last night’s premier.