• John Whitcomb: November 16, 2020

    This week on “Encounter God’s Truth,” we close out Volume Two of our series on “Acts: Witness of the Early Church.” Dr. John Whitcomb undertook the massive project of teaching through the book of Acts over the course of six years at the Independent Fundamental Bible Conference, which is held annually at the Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut. With host Wayne Shepherd, we thank them for their permission in bringing these messages to you here. Regular listeners to our program will know that Dr. Whitcomb was widely known as an Old Testament professor. What a treasure, then, to have this legacy of teaching that he provided on the book of Acts, from the New Testament. We have come through the first two years’ worth of Dr. Whitcomb’s teaching on this subject. To recap, we draw this time from the very first introductory message, on “The Ascension of Christ.”Thanks for listening to this broadcast outreach of Whitcomb Ministries, where we proclaim each week that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end!