Brannon Howse: June 22, 2020

Guest: Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America. Topic: The U.S. Supreme Court turns against the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is vital as it is how we maintain our political, economic and religious liberty. Topic: One of the founders of BLM admits their goal is not civil rights for black Americans but the removal of President Trump from office. Topic: Just how many politicians in America are being controlled because the elite have videos of them involved in horrific sex crimes? More information is coming out even on Fox News about what Jeffrey Epstein was really up to in regards to the world intelligence community and trading on dirt for the purpose of blackmailing politicians around the world and in the U.S. Topic: One of the leaders of BLM brags that they are putting together a “military” arm for BLM. Topic: Report states that 3 out of 4 D.C. police officers are on the verge of resigning. If police officers around the nation walk off how will Americans defend themselves if they have their guns confiscated through Red Flag laws and other laws? Topic: 88 year old lady in Nashville shot owner shoots would be thief and declares she is not taking it anymore. Topic: BLM is part of BDS. The intersection of Marxism and antisemitism. Topic: Trump rally attendance greatly damaged by thugs. Topic: Brannon explains why President Trump should go back to doing rallies in airport hangers and use Air Force One as the backdrop. Topic: Michael Hammond on the need for state leaders to ignore unconstitutional orders by the U.S. Supreme court or federal government. Topic: The danger of Red Flag laws and no knock warrants. Topic: Michael Hammond on the Donkey Trap. 

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