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National Security Council 2017 Memo Warning President Trump of Threats Are Same Threats Brannon Howse Warned About in His 2008 Best Selling Book Grave Influence

Breaking News: McMaster fired National Security Council staff Rich Higgins over a memo that reads like my trilogy of books Grave Influence, Religious Trojan Horse and The Coming Religious Reich. The first book Grave Influence was written in 2007. The NSC memo talks about Cultural Marxism-Frankfurt School-globalism-Central Banks-Fabian Socialism-Dialectic...all of this is in this National Security Counsel memo & in my 2008 book Grave Influence.…/mcmaster-detonated-over-memo-th…/

I have written & spoken for years on what's in this memo from the National Security Council staffer that was inside the White House trying to warn the President of the United States of the threats this nation and his Administration are facing. Today, credible and mainstream websites and national conservative talk radio hosts are covering this memo and agreeing with the content, thereby affirming the book and radio and television programs I have done on these topics. Yet, the compromisers continue to mock any of us that have done our homework and know the truth. Their ignorance and foolishness does not make us conspiracy theorists just means they are ignorant and foolish. I believe God is allowing information to come out that proves those we thought were discerning are not and are in fact assisting, by their mocking, in aiding the enemies of our nation and the enemies of the Bride of Christ whether they know it or not. I believe men are being seen for what they are because they indeed have become a spiritual threat to the Bride of Christ and some to our national security by the functions they organize with Jihadis. I urge you brethren to note such men that have risen from within and mark them and turn away from them just as Paul warns in Acts 20.

National Security Council memo by Richard Higgins just released warning President Trump on Cultural Marxism, Frankfurt School, globalism, Central Banks, Fabian Socialism, Dialectic is all discussed in great detail in my 2008 Best Seller, Grave Influence. Learn what fired National Security Council staffer Rich Higgins was trying to warn President Trump about. You can get it as a hardcover or an Ebook right now:

Hard Cover:…/books/grave-influence