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21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave

This is it, the one book you need to read if you want to understand the big picture, connect all the dots, and understand current times, and future events and trends that will be unfolding. This ground-breaking book by best-selling author Brannon Howse is the result of thousands of hours of research over many years and is must reading for every teenager and adult. 

Brannon reveals how the worldviews of 21 dead people are still influencing every aspect of American life and vying for the hearts and minds of adults and students. Whether we are discussing, law, science, economics, history, family, social issues, education or religion, the people and worldviews seeking to further their agenda in these disciplines are almost always connected back to four major forces. Brannon reveals the connection between occultism/pagan spirituality, the apostate church, the educational establishment and government/corporations. 

Through this book you will come to understand the oppositions worldview, heroes, goals, strategies, masking terms, networks and targets. Those who share the worldviews of these 21 enemies of our constitutional republic and Biblical worldview do not want their agenda and its consequences to be revealed to the American people. Above all, they do not want us to equip and train our children and grandchildren with a Biblical worldview by which to recognize, reject, and fight against their seductive and destructive lies. This book will equip you to do just that as Brannon gives specific and pro-active responses you can take to make this the finest hour for the American church. 

Here is the list of twenty-one for which Brannon has dug up worldview facts you must know and prepare to oppose:
Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, John Dewey, John Maynard Keynes, Aldous Huxley, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Margaret Sanger, William James, Alice Bailey, Helen Schucman, Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey, Benjamin Bloom, B.F. Skinner, The Frankfurt School, Soren Kierkegaard, Julius Wellhausen, Christopher Columbus Langdell, Betty Friedan and Roger Baldwin

Topics covered include:

Corporate fascism, sustainable development, the Third Way, global governance, dialectic process, the Delphi technique, the Cloward-Piven Strategy and deliberate chaos, community organizing, Fabian socialism, the federal reserve and a fiat currency, America's decline is Europe's gain, cultural Marxism, government mandated youth service, legal positivism, postmodernism, soft-despotism, higher-criticism, pagan spirituality, feminism, welfare-state capitalism, the false-dominate church, the Emergent Church, the spiritual battle for America, the United Nations and occultism, unmasking the one-world religion, the deconstructionists in the culture and in the church, psychological labeling of dissenters, behavior modification, a planned economy, the assault on parental authority, the two tracks to globalism, Keynesian economics, collectivism, similarities between America and Nazi Germany, national leaders are a reflection of the people, social justice, why the culture war is lost if the church goes weak, is God judging America?, When and why does God judge a nation?, the environmentalist/globalist connection, cultural revolution/sexual revolution, the right to die becomes the duty to die, the true purpose of the law, why the State wants the children, are we all God's children? And much, much more.

Sample some of the contents of Grave Influence through these short video clips of Brannon Howse speaking before 2,000 people at a Worldview Weekend Rally:


Grave Influence was released in November of 2009 and has received excellent reviews. As the author of nine books, Brannon has been a guest on nearly 1,000 radio and television programs and has been positively featured in such publications as the Washington Times as well as appearing on such television programs as The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. Brannon's most recent book, Grave Influence: 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews Ruling America From the Grave, was an instant best-seller and was praised for its historical current analysis by such groups and individuals as Jim Fletcher on, David Noebel, Phyliss Schalfly, and numerous local and national talk-show hosts. Brannon is the host of the daily, live, national radio program Worldview Matters and is the host of The Worldview Weekend Hour which airs nation-wide on Monday nights on the NRB Network on Direct-TV, Channel 378 at 7 pm CT and again at 9 pm California time.


Sample #1: What The American People Don't Know Will Hurt Them


Sample #2 of Grave Influence: The Dangerous Worldview of Maurice Strong and Sustainable Development


Sample #3:  Two Tracks to Globalism Merge


Sample #4: The Emerging Third Way of Apostate Pastors and Globalist Leaders


Sample #5: The Worldview of a Nation's Leaders Reflect The Worldview of Many of Its Citizens

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TX, 54, 04/28/11 05:27:03 PM 
Giving to My Son's University President and Professors

This book is so insightful and frankly, scary to read, but it shows WHY all these events have gradually happened in our country. It was part of a long term plan to degrade our society, and it, unfortunately, has worked. I am going to give these to the department deans and the President of my son's Christian university. Minds and hearts are being changed in universities. I want my son's university to stay on the right path. 

IL, 60, 02/04/11 03:38:40 PM 
Pastor Dan

I'm not finished with the book yet. What I've read is really informative and indeed an eye-opener! I honestly didn’t find this information to be totally surprising as God says there's wickedness in high (dark) places. We know the devil wants the children of God dead or completely unable to testify about Jesus. Thanks Bro. Brannon for the great conference you presented at the Christian Church in Peoria IL.! It was my first and the three gentlemen I was with really liked what was stated and how it was presented. Your compassion, kindness, straightforwardness and love for the Lord certainly brought Glory to God that evening! I only have about 80 pages left to read. I've already shared some bits of it at our church. You’re totally right when you stated; "Gods people die for lack of understanding (wisdom)." I believe lots of leaders in churches are going to pay heavily for not sharing these truths with brothers and sisters in all denominations and non-denominations. You will be in our prayers. Thanks again for a great deal of insight, divine insight that is! 

WA, 55, 04/07/10 08:18:39 AM 
A solution to these worldviews' influence... to dig up the original promoters and convert them to Christianity. Or kill them. 

OK, 70, 03/26/10 07:14:48 AM 
Grave Influence

I absolutely loved and hated this book. It opened my eyes to so much that has been going on our planet that I had never put together. It made me mad and also sad. but knowledge is power and, for that I praise this book to many, many people. It simply (?) put together all the pieces and makes for an understanding of our times. But, the Christian must be aware so we can know what battle we are fighting. Of course, the evil one is behind all of this and our God is greater than he and all the people under his influence. We can try our best to make others aware with our knowledge and know that we are in end times and need to make a concerted effort to save the lost and pray for those who are lost. Thanks so much for this awesome book. 

Bernard Reese, , 01/30/10 10:20:00 AM 
Grave Influence

I bought your book Grave Influence after you spoke here in Rockford, Illinois recently. As you know I am an attorney of more than 50 years and a member of the United States Supreme Court bar. I have filed several amicus curiae briefs in support of the display of the Ten Commandments; against abortion; retaining under God in the Pledge of Allegiance; and most recently the display of the cross on military graves. 

I have rarely read a book that so got to the root cause of this nation's problem as does Grave Influence. I have avidly advocated the reading of this book. It should be a study book in every school and university in the United States, as well as in every church. Every adult should read it, study it and become conversant in its revealing truth, and review any school child is material against the truth in this book so that the student is equipped to combat the evil fallacy being spread in our school system to our young people. 

It is a given that we are to be ambassadors for Christ leading people to the Lord. Ephesians 6:12 warns us, however, that we are not wrestling against "flesh and blood" but "spiritual wickedness." We need to know the clear principles that are established in the Word of God. Grave Influence is instructive of the tactics and the content the enemy is using to deceive us to distort and obliterate the truth of the Word of God. Every parent should study this book and use it as a foundation for the family in contrasting the lies of the enemy from the truth and the Word of God. That goes for recognizing the lies that are being broadcast out of our government today and our courts. 

VA, 55, 01/19/10 09:09:20 AM 
Grave Influence Review

I just finished this book this morning. This is an amazing book - very enlightening. It is a must read book. Now that I've read it the question is what will I do. I've been listening to programs available on Worldview Weekend and radio programs from Jan Markell's web site Understanding the times for quite a while now. I've been talking to my family and friends about what I've learned. I am more determined than ever to do what Brannon Howse recommends in the book's last chapter: Proclaim the truth to the unbeliever, live the truth, defend the truth, and instruct in the truth. Wow, do I have a lot to learn. I have not doubt that God will lead me and that I will have many opportunities to do the above. 

Rev. Jason Carlson, Christian Ministries International, , 12/31/09 10:27:57 PM 
Grave Influence

Grave Influence by Brannon Howse is a timely and important book that succinctly explains where the destructive ideologies so prevalent in our nation today have come from. You can’t understand the times if you don’t understand how we got here; and you can’t contend for the future if you don’t understand what you’re up against. Brannon’s book will equip you to speak boldly for the truth in an age of increasing moral and spiritual confusion. 

Dr. Ron Carlson, Author of "Fast Facts on False Teaching", , 12/31/09 10:27:29 PM 
Grave Influence

In a brilliant analyst, "Grave Influence" by Brannon Howse exposes the people and philosophies that have been and are at work to destroy the Biblical foundations of America. This insightful book reveals the forces seeking to destroy America's Christian heritage and bring about a secular socialized state. Let me encourage you to get several copies, not only to read, but to pass on to your friends. This book will open your "eyes of understanding" to see clearly the Worldview conflict raging today in our educational, political and religious institutions. 

SC, 72, 12/30/09 10:16:42 AM 
Grave Influence--

Thanks so much for this book. It's packed with so much information. All of our meals have been late because I can hardly put it down. Thanks again. 

AL, 68, 12/23/09 02:11:00 PM 
Review of Grave Influence

This book is a concise source for history questions such as "How in the heck did we ever get to this state of affairs?". It clearly exposes an age old agenda in many areas of our society which have turned counter productive to Christianity and our American Culture. This book should be required reading for anyone entering thefields of education, psychology, media, or ministry. 

MN, 40, 12/19/09 08:03:27 PM 

My only regret is that I purchased only one copy. This book is begging to be shared. Good evangelism is helped by recognizing a persons world view. what an addition to my appologetic arsenal! 

OH, 49, 12/09/09 08:14:32 PM 
Loved the book Grave Influences

Brannon, I loved your book. If one can't see Satan wants to take control of this world their eyes are closed. Our administration(& his czars) seems to be following these 21 radicals you talk about. It has to because Satan is influencing these anti-god people. Very scary stuff & I'm glad we know God is in control-but I understand "we" Christians must occupy till Jesus comes for us. I got saved in 1991, & honestly I haven't seen too many people come to Christ in these last 18 years God's drawn me to Himself-people just are blind to God's truth. My family included. I'm trying my best to lead others to a saving faith in Jesus Christ-most people aren't interested. I thank God our Christian radio station covers the VCY America program "Crosstalk," for I enjoy it everytime you guest host. Great research in discovering what is happening in our world. Your in my prayers, God Bless you & Merry Christmas-Chip Williams. 

KS, 60, 12/08/09 06:51:09 PM 
Grave Influence

over the past 7 years I have read about 75% of the info, but when put all together I had to stop about 1/2 through the book and spend more time reading the bible. when finish with reading the book, I order books for my adult childern and two extras for friends. 

FL, 54, 12/07/09 09:51:55 PM 
Required reading

Congratulations and God bless you for writing this book. If I didn't listen to your radio program, I probably would have been quite shocked to read it. I can only imagine the impact it will have on those who have never studied these dead radicals and their common thread of moral degeneracy and demonic influence. For anyone who wants to get up to speed fast on what's driving the destruction of America, Grave Influence is required reading. 

TN, 52, 12/05/09 10:27:57 PM 
Grave Influence

Required reading for every patriotic American, "Grave Influence" is the primer for the fight that lies ahead. Howse has done his homework and made anyone who reads this book a student of subversive history. Each section of this book makes todays headlines clearer and shines a light on the motives of those who would destroy our Constitution. I put "Arguing With Idiots" down to read this because this is the blueprint on how to save our way of life. Every parent should give this to their teens as a defense for what they are being exposed to in school. J.K. Golden, Firefighter/Paramedic 

TN, 38, 12/05/09 05:10:15 PM 
Radical's Exposed!

This was a terrific book that I tore through in a couple of day's. I have heard of many of the book's subject's(Karl Marx, Kinsey, Friedrich Nietzsche, etc.) but I never had a chance to really understand their whole background and understanding of their world view. It really show's that there is one obstacle through time and distance that they all share for their dream's to be realized- God. 

WI, 53, 11/30/09 09:32:21 AM 
Thank you

Brannon, Thank you for a book that discribes so much of the philosophies of the world leaders that are shaping our culture. But especially bringing together the Word of God and the spiritual battle that is the bigger picture. And it is a much bigger than most of us are aware of. I know we are not to loose heart, our God is greater and we know the end! I just bought 3 more to give as gifts. Praise our Lord Jesus. Marie 

LA, 53, 11/30/09 09:08:52 AM 
review of Grave Influence

Brannon, I am in the process of reading Grave Influence. Great! It truly brings everything together for me. My concerns began in the "Purpose Driven/Seeker" 90s which has since led me to do an even more indepth study of everything from Ancient Catholic Mysticism (I was saved out of Roman Catholicism), Emergent/Postmoderism (prayed an Emergent, 10 yr., pastor out of our church a year ago, my husband's the music minister, awkward, even changed seminaries because of postmodernism) , Positive Thinking/Confession, to the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. Grave Influence makes me also understand the political connection as well. I am recommending your book to all those around me with the same questions and concerns. I plan to purchase a few more copies in the months to come to hand out to others. Because of Christ, Addie K. Miller 

TN, 50, 11/28/09 09:57:28 AM 
Review of Grave Influence

I was one of those who lost their faith in college, thanks to an art history professor, of all people, who explained that Christianity was one of many cults running around 1st century Rome and was thus nothing special. I was further shocked when he informed us that the Madonna and Child were also nothing new as evidenced by the Egyptian goddess Isis and baby Horus. Because I had no rebuttal, no grounding in my faith, I gave up the fight without a whimper. If only I’d had Brannon Howse’s wonderful new book. GRAVE INFLUENCE: 21 Radicals And Their Worldviews That Rule America From The Grave, I would have been girded for battle when my professors presented men like William James and John Dewey, Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud as brilliant modern thinkers whose philosophies held all the answers. Instead I bought the whole liberal/socialist package, hook, line, and sinker including Betty Friedan and feminism. It’s thanks to people like Brannon that I am now able to refute these liberal lies on the same ‘intellectual’ playing field in which they’re usually presented. He does a wonderful job of tying together the various streams of thought in education, religion, philosophy, and psychology to present the big picture of where our world is heading and how this country is being undermined right before our eyes, thanks to the seeds planted by these now-deceased radicals whose influence continues to permeate our culture. This is a must-read for every Christian, especially our high school and college students. 

TN, 60, 11/26/09 02:38:56 PM 
Excellent book!!

Brannon, Your book, GRAVE INFLUENCE, is so good. I do believe that it is the best one you have written. How you put all of the info together and explaim what is occuring in America as a result of these evil people is outstanding. May we have more influence for our LORD than these people did for their lord, the devil himself. Because of HIM< lucy overstreet 

TX, 59, 11/25/09 05:31:07 PM 
Grave Influence

I so appreciate the excellent summary of each of the men and women who so damaged the heritage of this country. I have to agree with you in that the cultural war has been lost but the spiritual one has not. Thank you for all your hard work, for it has helped me understand my history so much more. The schemes and wiles of the devil! And everyone is caught up in the squabbles and not able to see the big picture. That is what your book has done. I never received any of this information in college or high school, of course. I appreciate not having to do all that in depth research myself. I also know that your research is accurate from other sources and by the quotes of the people in your book themselves. Blessings. Sherry 

Australia, 70, 11/25/09 05:08:45 PM 
Grave Influence A Challenge to Christians

Although already aware in a general sense of the facts presented in Grave Influence I was still somewhat shocked to read about the combined trends of the terrible cancer that today pervades the societies of America and the west. Dedication driven by the arrogance and opposition of the cosmic viewpoint has been successful in steam-rolling an apathetic church whose mission to present the divine viewpoint of Biblical truth and make disciples of all nations has been such a failure. Grave Influence should be a reminder to every Christian that the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful or spiritual. When the Christian church is starved of pulpits which faithfully and consistently teach the doctrines and principles of God’s infallible Word the result is a Christian church without the spiritual weapons with which to combat the forces of evil which rush in to fill the vacuum. Just as Satan’s cosmic system is a carefully organized way of thinking, so too the Christian way of life is a system of thought. As the apostle Paul said in Romans 12:2 we are to be “transformed by the renovation of our thinking” from the thinking of the world to the divine viewpoint of the mind of Christ—the Bible. A Christian who has not been taught the whole realm of doctrine is a pushover in the spiritual conflict. On our present course we are headed for tyranny and it is to be hoped that Grave Influence will awaken those Christians who read it to the urgency of the hour. When noting the current world trends one cannot but think of the conditions that will prevail immediately preceding the Second Coming of our Lord. We need to be alert and living in the light of eternity. 

AZ, 80, 11/25/09 02:57:27 PM 
Putting It Together

I have, through the years, read about all these people but your book brings out the synergy over time of their teachings. Alone, each would likely have been ineffective but together, they will ultimately destroy us. 

FL, 61, 11/25/09 06:58:47 AM 
Book review on "Grave Influence"

Brannon, I first heard of you in Rejoice Radio and 6 mos. ago attended your website and after reviewing many of the articles you have written decided to buy you book. This has been the best purchase I have done on this matter that has helped me understand with clarity the importance of christian worldview thinking and the worldviews that oppose us and their origins. Knowing this enables me defend my position and truly destroy the lies of the opponents. This is the best Christmas gift that I can give my friends, many of whom have no clue of what is going on and where all this anti-God rhetoric comes from historically and philosophically. Thank you for writing it and I must tell you that I think your teaching is such a godly blessing I have already added you to my prayers list for Gods' blessings and protection. JFL 

VA, 59, 11/25/09 05:05:29 AM 
Grave Influence

Christians generally suffer from ignorance regarding the nature of the spiritual and ideological warfare that is tearing the moral fabric of the nations. Brannon House has done a masterful job describing the nature of the worldview war for our nation’s soul with his latest book “Grave Influence.” In the book Brannon briefly describes the impact that 21 radicals are currently having on the way we view reality (worldview). This is an important read because far too often Christians uncritically absorb the worldviews of the surrounding secular pagan culture. Brannon’s book will get you to examine your belief system and compare it to the unchanging standard of a Biblical worldview. This is an easy read but dense with important ideas that will get you examine your own worldview. I highly recommend this book to teach about the competing worldviews that seek to dominate our culture. The writing style is concise and very clear. It will easily hold the attention of a high school student or a university professor. It was so interesting that I read the book in one sitting. I intend on buying this book in bulk so that I can pass it around to church, education and government leaders. It is an excellent text that can be used for Christian schools, universities and Sunday school curriculum. This is a keeper. You will want to buy extra copies and share it with others. Well done Brannon! Dr. Hector Falcon (Ph.D.) World Religions and Comparative Worldviews Patten University 


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