To All Those Saying Coronavirus is Over Hyped: Run The Numbers When It Comes to the Hospitals

To all the people saying the Coronavirus is over-hyped. I want to remind you we ran the numbers two weeks ago, live on radio, (March 2, 2020) on the infection rate and those who would need hospitalization based on government numbers. Two weeks ago this is what I shared on the air, and it will help you understand why the Trump administration is responding the way they are.

The head of infectious diseases said with Trump and Pence on the platform on February 29th that 20% of those who catch the Coronavirus will need advanced medical treatment, and a percentage of that 20% will need ICU. He did not say what percentage of Americans would be infected, so I just ran the infection rate based on the flu infection rate of 8%, and I got 4.8 million needing hospitalization. I then looked up the number of hospital beds in America, which is under 1 million. I then added the average occupancy rate of a hospital on the national average, which is between 65 and 70%.

As I said two weeks ago on the radio; our hospitals cannot handle that at one time. Since then Italy’s situation occurred, and we see older people dying because they are shoved aside to die so treatment goes to the young.

America has a very large older population and many of them have underlying conditions. Many younger Americans have underlying conditions. The government knows this is going to burn through the population, but what they’re trying to do is to make it burn at a slower rate, so those needing hospitalization and ICU do not show up at the hospital at the same time.

So in reality you could say the Coronavirus is not the great threat. The great threat is the abundance of hospital care that would be needed for those who need advanced care if they show up in the same critical time frame.  This is why they are telling older people to shelter in place and not go on cruises, and this is why they are doing their best to slow this thing down. They know it’s going to infect the population; they just need it to happen in a slower wave. Sadly, the average American often lacks reason, logic and understanding of exponential math to understand what is happening, and they run around claiming this is all a panic about nothing. This is serious. It is about  trying to slow down the spread rate so the hospitals can handle it so it  occurs in waves, not all at once, and people don’t get in a spot where they die due to lack of treatment.

The government is likely very pleased to see the American people rushing out to stock up on supplies. Why? Because if the governments have to impose a quarantine in certain cities or even nation-wide the more Americans prepared for sheltering in place the better. Prepared Americans will mean the national guard does not have to spend their time bringing food to Americans but can concentrate on hospital security and enforcement of the quarantine.

Just before I published this article, I reviewed a text from a military officer with many hundreds under his command. He informed me that all military leave has been cancelled and military personal are not to travel outside of a 50 mile radius of their current duty station until May 11, 2020. 

As conservatives, if we claim to be pro-life and that we are NOT for rationing of healthcare, then we should understand the importance of slowing down the spread rate of this virus. Otherwise, our nation could see the hospitals swamped and health-care rationed as has occurred in Italy. I for one do not want to see that occur in America. So if you, like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrham, are claiming the Coronavirus has been over-hyped, then maybe you need to buy a calculator and do some math based on the government numbers coming out of the Trump White House and then research our fragile hospital system. Perhaps now you know why and what the government is trying to prepare for and stop from occurring.

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