5 Sets of Changing Numbers to Use When Analyzing the Coronavirus

It will be very interesting to see what President Trump says tonight with his live address from the Oval Office concerning the Coronavirus. What people do not seem to understand about this entire Coronavirus tragedy is 1. Infection numbers, 2. Hospitalization numbers, 3. Exponential numbers, 4. Mortality rate numbers, and 5. Long term consequences.

Many people are throwing around lots of numbers, but those numbers apply to a certain context and are not accurate if applied to every nation without taking into account the number of infections, hospitalizations and the number of hospital beds available. I discussed this fact on my radio show on March 2nd, and this is the radio description in part from that broadcast:

“Topic: While the Coronavirus may or may not be an issue for America, how could this be used to alert Americans to the serious threat that can be posed to our medical system? Topic: Rush Limbaugh and others are declaring that the Coronavirus is equal to the average flu. Yet, that is not what we were told on Saturday as President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, Director of the Center for Disease Control, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases spoke at the White House. Brannon plays the audio of Dr. Anthony Fauci stating that of those who catch the Coronavirus, on average, 20% will require hospitalization and even be admitted to the I.C.U. Brannon shares what percentage of Americans who catch the flu need advanced medical care and the number is nowhere near 20%. According to the CDC, on average 8% of Americans catch the flu during any given flu season. If 8% of Americans catch the Coronavirus, and 20% of them need hospitalization, do you know how many millions that is? Do you know how many hospital beds are available at any given moment in America?”

Now this brings us back to where we are today, and the numbers people throw around without any context. Sadly, some ill-informed talk show hosts on the right were claiming the Coronavirus was equal to the annual flu. This revealed they had not done their homework nor understood what is being explained here in our 5 points to remember.

Take for instance the mortality rate that people quote in order to dismiss the Coronavirus as being anything to be concerned about. Many of the quoted mortality rates are given in the context of people getting the Coronavirus who are able to be admitted into a hospital and get treatment if necessary. If the Coronavirus is not contained, and you kick in with an exponential rate of infection, this is where the mortality rate changes based on what the health system in America can or cannot handle. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases spoke at the White House live on Saturday, February 29, 2020, and said that 20% of those are infected with the Coronavirus would need hospitalization and then a percentage of those would need ICU. Run those numbers just based on the 8% of 300 million Americans who catch the annual flu, and we now have a problem because that means you now have 4.8 million people who need hospital beds.

Remember we are just using the 8% figure of those who catch the seasonal flu. We already know the infection rate is much higher than the average flu which means the numbers of those who need hospitalization would be higher. We have under 1 million hospital beds available in America and at any given moment, on average, 65 to 70% of them are full. Now your mortality rate is going to jump when you don't have enough hospital beds, medical staff, and medical equipment in order to receive the advance medical treatment that Dr. Fauci said they would need.

So for those who go around quoting a static mortality rate of the Coronavirus in order to downplay it are not using logic, context, or math. Nor are they considering the exponential numbers that could get out of control fast and thus limit the needed urgent and immediate medical treatment needed by Americans that would not be available. All of this would impact the mortality rate.

Those who are using numbers from China seem to forget that the Communist lie all the time. Americans using the numbers from China also seem to forget that China has tyrannical powers to shut people in and treat them in a manner not equal to the civil rights we have in America. China also could care less about human rights, and thus care very little about human life. So using China to explain what will happen here is complete stupidity.

Point five is long term consequences. As U.S. Senator Tom Cotton testified on January 30, 2020, we are likely dealing with a bio-weapon that escaped from a Communist Chinese Level 4 lab. We have no idea the long term consequences to the lungs, immune system, neurological system, heart or other vital organs. What will these numbers be like one year from now?

So remember these five important points in context. 1. Infection numbers, 2. Hospitalization numbers, 3. Exponential numbers, 4. Mortality rate numbers, and 5. Long term consequences. All these numbers must be in context for us to have a realistic understanding of the current state of our national handling of the Coronavirus.

You can bet the White House has run the numbers and this is why President Trump is now finally going to address the nation from the Oval Office. Let’s just hope he takes the necessary action in order to stop this from spreading so we can save lives and we can get back to our lives as fast as possible. Check us out at www.wvwtv.com Join our text alert list by texting WVW to 88202.



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