“Silence Equals Consent” Pt. 2 | November 22, 2023


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In part 2 of this special edition of Crosstalk, William began by explaining how you want to be involved in government so that you can have a nation where our children can have a personal experience with Jesus.  So if you don’t get involved, whatever non-believers are pushing in schools, that silence equals consent.

The reason this is critical is because today schools act as though there is no God and seem to believe that if there is one, he’s messed up.  After all, they believe he’s put men in women’s bodies so we have to have operations to fix it.  They say that any type of sex is OK.  If that’s true, there is no sin, and if there’s no sin, there’s no need for a Savior.  In essence, they want you to be “tolerant” while they teach children an anti-Christian agenda…the religion of anti-Christ. 

What about those who believe they’re being holy by not being involved?  Then you have to consider what to do with Numbers chapter 30.  It contains numerous situations where silence equals consent.  For example, if a daughter binds herself with a vow while living in her father’s house in her youth, and her father hears her vow and holds his peace, then all her vows shall stand.  However, if her father overrules her on the day he hears, then none of her vows shall stand and the Lord will release her.  This has come down to us in our day as vows in a wedding ceremony.

In law this is referred to as the Rule of Tacit Admission. It’s in Blacks Law Dictionary.  It’s an admission reasonably inferable from a party’s failure to act or speak.  In property law, if someone moves onto your property/land and lives there for several years and you remain silent and fail to charge them rent, they gain title to your property.  It’s known as “adverse possession.”  In this case, by your silence, you’re giving approval for them to take your land.

This principle is also in our U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 7.  Congress passes a bill.  They send it to the president.  He can veto the bill, sign it, or he can simply let it sit on his desk for 10 days.  However if the president is silent and doesn’t do anything with it, it automatically becomes law as if he had signed it.

William then reminded listeners about Acts 22.  Paul recognized that when Stephen’s blood was shed, even though he didn’t throw a single stone, just standing by meant he was consenting to his death.

So if a child wants to transition, should we just stand by and “love them” or just “accept them” as they are?  According to Scripture, part of love involves correction.  William explained how we don’t simply let our children wander into the street.  We tell them what’s right and what’s wrong.   

William noted how those who oppose us have a tactic.  It’s to “guilt-trip” Christians into being more Christian than Christ.  In other words, they tell us that if we’re truly Christian, we’ll be silent and give our consent while they

teach our children something Jesus would never teach.  This means that the person who claims to be spiritual by not getting involved, will one day realize they’ve  make a huge mistake when they understand that by their silence, they’ve brought the judgment of God upon their heads.

Is God allowing evil to expose itself in order to expose the condition of our hearts?  Ponder that as you review this broadcast where in conclusion, William ties all of this in to a bigger picture.  He’ll explain God in relation to time, freewill and faith and how this relates to the judgment that Christ had to suffer so that we could be in glorious relationship with the triune God forever!

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