One Day Nearer | November 14, 2023

This broadcast began with Randy Melchert providing listeners with an update on the March for Israel on the National Mall.  While the permit for the event was for 100,000 people, Randy was seeing reports of 200,000 or more, making it one of the largest rallies in recent years. 

As you read through the Scriptures, there is absolute certainty that Jesus Christ will return.  God has given us many prophecies about this wonderful event to provide believers with hope.

So as the world descends deeper into deception, rebellion, evil, wickedness, lawlessness and darkness, we can rest in peace and with confidence that not only is God in control, but also that righteousness will prevail in the end.

Many of us know this, but we get so caught up in the headlines that we’re led down the path of despair.  So as you review this edition of Crosstalk, you’ll hear about a wonderful resource that will encourage you, day by day, to keep your eyes on the Lord as we await his return.

Joining Jim to talk about this great hope and its connection to Bible prophecy was Steve Miller.  Steve is a longtime editor of Bible prophecy resources and four decades in the Christian publishing industry. He’s the author of several books including, Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues That Jesus’ Return is Nearer Than Ever.  He’s just released a new 365-day devotional, One Day Nearer: Daily Devotions in Anticipation of Jesus’ Glorious Return.

Steve began by reminding listeners that Bible prophecy can give us hope.  This is especially important.  We need to remember that hope is the grand theme of Bible prophecy because it helps us to focus on Christ.  

The decline into darkness shouldn’t take us by surprise.  Steve noted how Scripture is replete with examples of the evils of humanity and that no one is righteous. This sin is an example of our separation from God and how there’s nothing within us to motivate us to righteousness.  If we’re not careful, this can cause us to become entangled by the narratives/perspectives of the world. 

So his motivation for writing the book was his thought that so many Christians hold Bible prophecy at arms length.  They’re hesitant to read it, to take time to study it, they think it’s mysterious, confusing and difficult to understand, or perhaps feel it’s too controversial.  Steve wants Christians to understand that God placed prophecy in the Bible for a reason.  It’s meant to give us hope and clarity in a time of despair, but that we can look up, remember that God is in control, and see the future that’s ahead of us. 

During this program you’ll hear Steve give an overview of the book, tell you the purpose of Bible prophecy, he’ll describe the 7 truths to remember as the world falls apart, and he’ll also explain the difference between the resurrection of New Testament believers, Old Testament believers and the resurrection of tribulation era believers. 

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