Crosstalk: November 3, 2021

COVID is taking its toll on America but so is our response.  In particular, there are the protocols that are a part of many hospitals.  Amidst those protocols there are doctors, nurses, attorneys, patient advocates, as well as journalists that are acting as whistle-blowers.  They’re sounding the alarm as they expose matters of egregious hospital abuses, neglect of patients and denial of basic medications to COVID patients.  

Addressing this issue was Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet.  Dr. Vliet is the president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a non-profit public charity.  Since February 2020, she has been part of the team of front-line physicians treating COVID early at home.  With Dr. Peter McCullough, she is a co-author/editor of the Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life.  Dr. Vliet is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women.  She is a past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.  She received her M.D. degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed special training at Johns Hopkins.  She appeared on Crosstalk as an independent physician, not as a spokesperson for any healthcare system, pharmaceutical company, insurance plan or political party.  She is a patient advocate.

Dr. Vliet began by commenting on Ali Schultz who was a power of attorney for her father-in-law at Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale.  Her father had been admitted for COVID and ended up as a medical prisoner without access to his family and his power of attorney.  In fact, she was escorted off the Mayo campus via law enforcement.  

She was also power of attorney for her mother-in-law at Banner Health Systems in Phoenix.  She was handcuffed by law enforcement and removed from the Banner campus.

Her mother-in-law passed away because she wasn’t able to obtain treatment.  Ali was finally successful in getting her father-in-law released from Mayo and save his life by getting him the effective treatment at home that he had been denied at Mayo.  

This is one example showing how people are in some instances being isolated for prolonged period of time in violation of most state laws as well as against CDC guidelines for infectious quarantine.

Ali legally recorded the hospital administrator at Banner Health Systems talking about the fact that all the hospital administrators/executives met together 2-3 times per week to plan the COVID care.  They were basically saying no visits would be allowed regardless of the laws regulating health care power of attorney access to a patient.  They were also planning the coordination to restrict fluids and other elements that aren’t part of the COVID protocol that the federal government implemented under the CARES Act in 2020.

Dr. Vliet then mentioned Ezekiel Emanuel who once wrote about the attenuation (rationing) of health care after age 40 where the “curve” fell off to minimal care at about age 50.  This is an individual who was giving advice on such matters to then President Obama on the health care law, saying we should attenuate medical care for those over 50 because they’ve lived a complete life.  

Emanuel is now advising President Biden on the COVID policy that is restricting effective treatment, fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, corticosteroids, hydroxychloriquine, ivermectin and more.  Patients now are only getting remdesivir, which has about a 50% death rate and is also known for damaging the kidneys.

Why is remdesivir the mandated COVID treatment drug?  Dr. Vliet noted that hospitals are being paid an incentive by the federal government, authorized by the CARES Act.  This established the COVID treatments and the coding systems to financially incentivize the hospital to receive bonuses (incentivized payments) for using this drug along with ventilators.  That’s along with the bonus given when a patient dies with a COVID diagnosis in the hospital.

This is just a brief overview of the information from the first quarter of the broadcast.  There’s much more to consider when you review this entire edition of Crosstalk. 

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