Brannon Howse: WVW 2nd Hour 02-09-14

~~Worldview Weekend 2nd Hour for February 9, 2014. Brannon interviews author and columnist Michael Snyder on these topics. Topic: China again calls for dumping the U.S. dollar at the world reserve currency. What would this mean for Americans and what would it do to the value of the American dollar. Topic: The county Brannon lives in did a county wide test to see if they could distribute medicine door to door. A bag with an empty medicine bottle was hung on door of his home with a letter that stated “door to door delivery is just one way of getting medicine to people quickly. We will need to do that if—for example—Shelby County is ever the target of a bioterrist attack.” Experts that track this sort of activity are saying this is the first time they have ever heard of such a test. What does this say about the day and age in which we live? If the government is preparing for such a potential emergency then why are more men not preparing their homes and families themselves by having emergency supplies and a supply of food and water on hand? Why are Americans so foolish after seeing the failure of our government and seeing all the potential dangers such as a potential terrorist attack, power-outages, a natural disaster or an economic crisis? Topic: Financial experts are writing about capital controls that are already beginning in America and they provide examples. Such capital controls could mean you cannot withdrawal cash of any great size from your bank account. Topic: reports that some economic experts think today’s American stock market looks like 1929. Topic: Why are central banks in America and other government buying up record amounts of gold and where is the price of silver and gold headed after a deep pull back the last two years?

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