Brannon Howse: May 27, 2020

Guest: Trevor Loudon. Topic: The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer is video footage that is nothing short of appalling, heartbreaking and another example of police misconduct. Today Brannon and Trevor explain why they believe there is now an epidemic of police officers behaving badly. Brannon has stated for several years that he believes progressives are deliberately lowering the standards for police officers in order to hire unqualified and volatile candidates so that their bad behavior can be used to justify the anti-police narrative of the neo-Marxists. Brannon explains how progressive policies and political correctness has been used to destroy police departments, the military, the FBI and vital institutions that Americans once trusted, supported and honored. The long march through the institutions by the Marxists has the objective of sowing discord and revolution in the streets. Topic: The mayor of Chicago is a known progressive and it is reported that she was her police officers to harass people that were going to church during the Coronavirus over-reach. Topic: The sheriff of Camden County at Lake of the Ozarks puts out a statement that should have been the response of police departments and sherif departments across the country in regard to protecting individual liberty, freedom, the Constitution, private property and economic freedom in America. Topic: A well-known pastor in California declares that churches should not open because a 3 judge panel of the 9th Circuit says so. Brannon explains how such ignorant and cowardly pastors are not only aiding the Marxists in their destruction of America and religious liberty but are also brainwashing Christians to believe that judges make the laws when they do not. Brannon explains why he believes that globalists have used the Coronavirus to test America and the churches and have found that the church in America will be no obstacle to their take over of America.

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