Brannon Howse: March 13, 2020

Part 3: Listen to MD Dr. Bob Zajac, who also has a degree in child development and special needs, as he explain how his medical practices loses $1.7 million dollars a year by not pushing vaccines on his patients. He explains that moms know more about vaccines than the vast majority of America’s doctors. You must hear the warning from this doctor as he explains how he saw a child go from bright and healthy to being autistic after his vaccines. It was this firsthand experience that caused him to spend years studying the dangers of vaccines. You will hear this doctor’s testimony in his own words.

Guest: Geopolitical analyst Jeffrey Nyquist & Middle East expert Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: President Trump declares a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus. Topic: The mainstream media is now reporting what we reported almost 2 weeks ago concerning the medical emergency that could occur with the demand for hospital beds in America. Topic: While Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have erroneously, aggressively, and insistently compared the Coronavirus to the average flu, now the mainstream media is reporting what we reported weeks ago and that is that there could be long term damage to the human body from the Coronavirus. Topic: The Commander of Southern Strategic Command told the House Armed Services Committee on March 11, 2020 that China has been moving infrastructure, military training and equipment into the region. He declared “most concerning certain investments have strategic value for future military uses.” How many Americans know that China has moved military assets and personnel in our backyard as the Commander described it? What does the 1999 military paper entitled “Unrestricted Warfare” have to say about bringing down America and how might it apply to what we are reporting upon today? Topic: How might the speech by a Chinese General apply to today when he was discussing removing Americans from America so they could take our land and clean up America with a biological weapon? Topic: Regardless of what plays out with the Coronavirus, Americans should use this event to understand the threats America faces from our enemies both foreign and domestic. Topic: North Korea is shooting off projectiles, Iran has shot off rockets and killed two Americans in Iraq, and now Russia, China and Iran are blaming America for the Coronavirus. Why would these nations want to brainwash their citizens with this lie? Topic: Russia and China and their military exercise that included practicing a nuclear strike on America and NATO. Topic: Russia, Iran and China carry out join military exercise. Topic: Government is pumping trillions of dollars into the banks and markets. Topic: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins us to describe the Biblical accounts of China, Russia, and Iran in Bible prophecy and how what we are seeing today could be a small taste of the events that set up the Biblical descriptions of a world government and world economy. 


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