Brannon Howse: February 2, 2021

Guest: Matthew DePerno Attorney At Law. Topic: Mr. DePerno is the only attorney in the United States of America to have a court order to do a forensic audit of the dominion machines. Mr. DePerno had the Dominion machines audited that were used in Antrim County, Michigan. Mr. DePerno joins us to report that a team of forensic scientists have reported back to him that the Dominion machines are designed to produce fraud. Matt reports that Dominion has a huge failure rate and that Dominion machines will accept a blank ballot as legitimate vote. Matt reports that when the forensic team audited the Dominion machines in Antrim County, they found that the 2020 system files, adjudication files and log files were delated but the same files for 2016 and 2018 were present. Why would someone delete the 2020 records unless they were covering up election fraud. Mr. DePerno explains how Antrim county normally is carried by Republicans at a rate of 65% to 35% democrat. In 2020, the stats were reversed. Mr. DePerno reports that the Attorney General of Michigan is openly talking about suing attorneys and having them disbarred if they bring lawsuits over voter fraud. Matt explains how such threats and intimidation is characteristic of a police state. 

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