Jason Pratt: July 11, 2017


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Join us on Mission 17-19 as we expand our understanding of logical fallacies by observing some recent interactions on social media among Christians over interfaith dialogues with Muslims in a Christian church. It is instructive to note when one side of a discussion resorts to logical fallacy their position is weakened. We look at which fallacies are employed. All this following our launch from Genesis 16:7-13 and our Scriptural Scientist Spotlight coverage of John Wallis, English mathematician, theologian, grammarian, cryptographer, and philosopher!


We delve into James White's interfaith dialogue with a Muslim Imam and Phil Johnson's defense of this behavior. What happens when the defense of both the man and his actions rests on logical fallacy? What if the defense Phil Johnson relies on are the same kinds of arguments that have been used against Phil's own behavior and then dismissed by Phil as attacks? We'll briefly look at some of these as we look inside the church before looking outside as instructed in 1 Corinthians 5:12.


(Note: appearance of any links here are not an endorsement of any particular ministry or person and are for instructive purposes only.)

The following links are referenced in this episode and provide additional context to demonstrate a lack of consistency  and reason in regard to Phil Johnson's own criticisms of other Christians and his response to criticism in light of his current behavior regarding criticism of Brannon Howse in defense of James White:

  1. Response article to Phil Johnson for calling out Thabiti Anyabwile:


  1. The Warburg Watch article regarding Phil Johnson's tweet involving domestic abuse:


  1. Phil's Twitter account response as he feels he was unfairly attacked (Phil never apologized for the insensitive tweet):



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