Carl Teichrib: December 2, 2013

Broadcast 21 of Forcing Change Radio is now available for download and listening. In this show, we tap into the global quest to create a "new world ethic" of sustainable development and interdependence - that humanity and nature, nature and God, and humanity and God are all One. This, as explained by the likes of David Spangler, is the true heart of interdependence or "wholeness." As he says, "...the reality of one humanity, one Earth, one planet, and indeed one life." Or as French social philosopher and UNESCO advisor once wrote; "The minimal rational demand of a shrunken interdependent world is planetary union." Expanding on these ideas, we examine the notion of a global green ethic based on One-ism, and compare and contrast this pagan concept with the Biblical worldview. Along the way we delve into the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, a small document (less then 20 pages) and how this led to the creation of two massive interpretive texts; Global Biodiversity Assessment and Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity, and the pro-pagan approach both take while disparaging traditional Christianity - all for the sake of a new ethic of interdependence, and with it, a revision of "our western understanding… our human story." We also plumb the core Biblical contrast and the antagonism that the world takes to the Scriptural teaching that God is above creation, and that Man is placed in a superior position to nature. This is an important broadcast, introducing you to prime differences between the world's approach and God's divine order. When we grasp this, we too will see the stark division between these two fundamental claims - and you'll be surprised, then, how often you encounter Christianity flirting with the world's philosophy of interdependence and One-ism.

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