Brannon Howse: September 29, 2017

Guest: Cliff Kincaid & Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. We start with Cliff Kincaid on the fact that communist groups are calling for the beginning of a civil war in America on November 4, 2017. That is their very words; “civil war.” These groups have been meeting and organizing since July for this November 4th day. They are calling for aggressive tactics and being politically provocative. A group in Los Angeles staged a dry run earlier this week and shut down the 101 and it is on video. Topic: Who are some of the groups behind this and what is there ultimate goal? Topic: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss these topics: The most solemn day in the Jewish world Yom Kippur is underway. Topic: The Kurd’s vote yes for independence, which could cause Iraq, Iran, and Turkey to prepare for war. Topic: On the 50th Anniversary of the Jewish settlements Prime Minister says Israel will not leave the land that God has given to the Jews of today - as he did to their forefathers. Topic: Reconciliation of the Palestinian factions in Israel is only for Hamas to intensify Jihad against the Jewish State.

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