Brannon Howse: January 30, 2020

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Guests: Dr. Bill Warner & Tom Littleton. Luke Goodrich has written a book entitled, “Free to Believe.” This book was the 2019 book of the year by both World Magazine and The Gospel Coalition. Today, Brannon, Tom, and Dr. Warner explain why this book is pushing a narrative that they believe, if actually practiced by evangelical Christians, would produce both a spiritual and national security threat to America. Hear audio clips by Goodrich as he declares that Christians must defend the right of Muslims to build mosques if Christians want to maintain religious liberty and the right to build churches. Learn why comparing a mosque to a church is pure foolishness. Topic: Goodrich declares that Christians need to defend the wearing of a hijab. Brannon and Dr. Warner explain why Muslim women wear a hijab, why it is promoting sharia, and how it can set up non-hijab wearing women for sexual assault according to the Quran and internationally recognized Islamic scholars. Topic: Luke Goodrich continually refers to Islam as a religion. Why is Islam not a religion? Topic: Goodrich declares that Christians should not support using the power of the government to stop the building of a mosque. If the purpose of government is to reward the righteous and punish the wicked and make for a stable and just society, then why should Christians not support the government from allowing a foreign enemy to open the equivalent of a military training center that hides under the deception of an Islamic house of worship? Topic: Would you be surprised that a country that was behind the 9-11 terrorist attacks is funding the majority of the mosques in America? Topic: Tom reveals why Luke Goodrich is 100% wrong in his claim that opposing the building of mosques in America is damaging to the gospel. Topic: Well known pro-family organizations have promoted the book by Luke Goodrich, which further proves that the groups you could once trust, you likely can no longer trust due to a major lack of discernment.

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