Brannon Howse: January 23, 2020

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(Part 3) The History, Goals, & Tactics of the Power Elite. Topic: In 1913 President Wilson warned of the Power Elite that controlled and dominated America to the point that we no longer have the freedom of opinion and are dominated by a small group of men. Topic: In his 1980 book, The Real War, Former President Richard Nixon warns of the Power Elite that pick what America debates, who is allowed to be seen on television and who is declared good and who is declared evil. Nixon warns that the group of Power Elite sets the course of America. Topic: Brannon reads more quotes in which even liberal, mainstream publications in America have admitted there is a Power Elite. Topic: Brannon plays more audio of Kevin Freeman interviewing a white hat hacker that is warning of major corporations that run computer voting software and voting machines that are putting our national security at risk by apparently deliberately allowing enemies both foreign and domestic to hack and change election results. Are the Power Elite using this as one option to control who is elected to power at the state, local and federal level? Topic: We take your calls.

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