Brannon Howse: February 10, 2020

Guest: Gary Bates, author and producer of Alien Intrusion. Topic: U.S. government and military admits pilots are encountering UFOs, but why? Topic: As the government videos reveal, what the U.S. Navy pilots are declaring in interviews is that these objects are flying at speeds of up to 3,700 MPH and doing turns, stops, and accelerations that violate the known laws of the universe. Thus, what are these objects? Topic: Gary responds to quotes by well-known and non-Christian UFO experts who now declare that these objects are not extra-terrestrial, but are from a spiritual realm. Some of these longstanding, non-Christian UFO experts are openly saying that the “alien” encounters and sexual molestations are consistent with descriptions found within the occult and demonic activity. Topic: Gary explains why those who claim to have been abducted have not been abducted, but have indeed been the victim of manipulation and mind-altering techniques. Topic: Gary explains why so many people who engage in occult practices are often the ones who report an “alien” encounter of the third kind. Topic: What is the connection between “aliens,” spirit guides, poltergeists, and demons? Topic: What happens when those who had an encounter of the third kind cried out to Jesus, recited the Lord’s Prayer, or began to sing a hymn? Topic: Why are we seeing an increase globally of confirmed UFO sightings and other demonic activities? What is the world being prepared and set up for?

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