The Border: Trafficking, Terrorism and Trauma | January 11, 2024


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Last week, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson led the largest congressional delegation ever to the border.  It consisted of 64 House Republicans representing 26 states and one U.S. territory.  He said that there’s no order at the border. It’s completely open and what was seen was so alarming, it would break the hearts of every American and infuriate them as well.

Returning to Crosstalk with an update on this vital issue was Mark Krikorian.  Mark is a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues serving as the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.  They are an independent, non-partisan research organization examining and critiquing the impact of immigration on the United States.  He’s testified numerous times before Congress and has published articles in many outlets.

How bad is the immigration problem?  According to Mark it’s really bad.  It terms of numbers, he indicated it’s at almost 300,000 illegals entering the U.S. per month.  This has occurred because both during the campaign and through almost 3 years of his policies, President Biden basically invited people who have no right to come here to cross the border and turn themselves in, at which point they’re let go.

Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that over 85% of those who show up at the border are let go.  Mark believes it’s almost certainly over 90%.  They’re here, they’re not going to leave on their own, and Mark feels this administration isn’t going to make sure that they do leave.  The result is historically unprecedented numbers of individuals crossing the border.  They’re not fleeing war, prosecution or climate change as the administration tries to say. Instead, they’re trekking through up to five different countries to arrive here because they know they can get away with it.

Mark explained that we need to have a combination of physical barriers along with legal and policy barriers.  This means that the people that do get through don’t succeed and don’t get away with it.  In other words, under bad policies, all the walls in the world don’t matter.  This is why he believes the root cause of this is President Biden and not some exterior force that’s happening to the U.S.  His administration is unwilling to enforce immigration law because it believes that such law is immoral.

Then there’s the issue of drug cartels and smugglers who rent out children because under President Biden’s policies, if someone has a child with them, while not 100% certain, it’s very likely that they’ll be let go.  

They’re also trafficking kids.  While there will always be some activity of this kind, certain immigration policies make this possible.  Biden’s policies are particularly problematic because there’s no DNA testing to make certain that if you bring a child with you it can be shown that you’re telling the truth.  This and other things under the Biden administration have facilitated what Mark described as, “large scale human trafficking, especially of children; sometimes sex trafficking, sometimes labor trafficking.”    

This is an overview of just the first quarter hour of information.  Mark presented much more, and listeners added their thoughts, on this edition of Crosstalk.

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