Worldview Report Transcript For January 21, 2022

Breaking tonight. The narrative is imploding. The first signs of the Covid narrative breaking down are all around us, at the World Health Organization, the CDC, the EU and in the UK.

Let's take stock and bring you up to date.

A substack post by Steve Kirsch helps us do it:

  1. The vaccines aren’t safe: Kirsch, a brilliant entrepreneur and statistician, says he is "hearing a lot from prominent formerly pro-vax docs that they are turning on the vaccine. This is great news. Nobody is going public yet, but they are angry and realize they have been misled. It will not be pretty. This is of course great news.


  1. Cloth masks don’t work: The CDC finally admits that cloth masks that they said worked before and that everyone wore (including Rochelle Walensky) don’t actually work. The other mask types don’t work either, but it will take them longer to figure out the obvious. P100 respirators do work but only a small percentage of people know that. I can’t wait to see Rochelle Walensky wear a P100 respirator; after all, she should be modelling best practices.
  2. Kids shouldn’t have booster shots: Top WHO scientist finally admits that kids shouldn’t get boosted!!!! Yet the US colleges and universities aren’t going to back off. Someone is very wrong here and for once it isn’t the WHO.



We can add Number four: England says it's finished with the Covid lockdowns, mask mandates and work restrictions and will be treating Covid from now on like the flu, allowing citizens to take whatever precautions they see fit. Those working from home will be encouraged to go back to their offices and restaurants and pubs will no longer be required to make customers show proof of vaccination, although they will be allowed to continue doing so if they so choose.

Governments in Scotland and Wales have also announced the easing of some Covid restrictions, but mandatory indoor mask-wearing and digital health passes will remain in place. 

Then you have the Czech Republic, where citizens also received good news this week.



With sanity seemingly making a comeback in multiple nations, what about the United States? Thus far, we've seen no let up from the Biden administration, which is still pushing all of its failed policies and pushing them more aggressively than ever.

There is also very little help coming from the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld one of two Biden vaccine mandates last week and now this week, the high Court has failed us again.

An appeal challenging the federal mask mandate on airplanes was rejected by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Reports indicate that a father filed an emergency application on behalf of himself and his autistic son, both of whom argue that they are medically incapable of wearing masks for extended periods of time.

The father filed his application with Neil Gorsuch, who handles emergency applications for several Western states. It was referred to the full court, which rejected the matter without comment or notice of dissent.

Based solely on a Biden executive order, with no supporting legislation from Congress, passengers on planes and other public transportation continue to be illegally forced to wear masks.


Christianity Today is reporting that Hillsong Church has apologized to the Australian government for allowing its congregants to sing and dance in violation of state Covid restrictions.

Hillsong issued an apology after footage of hundreds of people in a youth camp singing and dancing caught the attention of New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet, who remarked he was "completely shocked" by the lack of public safety precautions in the midst of Australia's surging COVID cases.

Cases, mind you, not deaths or hospitalizations.

Health authorities ordered participants to immediately stop singing and dancing as the NSW Police intervened to "ensure future compliance" with COVID restrictions in the state.

"We regret giving any perception that we were not playing our part to keep NSW safe and we sincerely apologize to the community at large," Hillsong Church said in a statement released on Friday, as reported by ABC News. The Australia-based global evangelical church network denied that the youth camp, where hundreds of participants were seen in a video maskless, singing and dancing inside a large tent as artists performed on stage, was a music festival.

"These are high school-aged events that include sporting activities and games," Hillsong Church explained. "They are alcohol-free events, held outdoors, and the number of students attending each camp is just over 200."

According to the Christian Post, Premier Perrorttet was "incredibly disappointed" after seeing footage of the event, which he believed was not in compliance with Australia's exemptions for religious groups.

"Singing and dancing at a major recreational facility is in breach of the public health order," New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard explained in a statement.


New data out of Scotland shows the DOUBLE-JABBED are now more likely to be admitted to the hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated amid an increase in elderly people falling ill due to waning immunity.

The Herald of Scotland reports that the "weird" data shows case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-vaxxed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.

This is just the latest evidence that Joe Biden and other world leaders screaming about a "pandemic of the vaccinated" is exactly the opposite of the truth. If we still have a pandemic at all, it is among the vaccinated.

The truth is all of these leaders peddling the pandemic of the vaccinated narrative are following fraudulent, manipulated data.

Some are onto them. Regular citizens. Speaking out and confronting the very authorities who have been playing along with the official narrative that is killing people and then blaming it on Covid.

Listen to the following presentation given by a parent before the Dare County, North Carolina, school board.


A senior research scientist at MIT is sounding an alarm about potential long-term brain damage from the experimental mRNA injections, especially in young people, saying it's likely there will be an "alarming" rise in neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is co-author of an academic paper titled "Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19" published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

As reported by WND, Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, told Fox News' Laura Ingraham it's "outrageous to be giving vaccines to young people because they have ... a very, very low risk of dying from COVID, so they don't get a benefit.

"And when you look at the potential harm from these vaccines, it just doesn't make any sense."

The repeated boosters, Seneff added, will be "very devastating in the long term."

The MIT scientist said she has done a lot of research on the subject and is "beginning to understand how the process takes place."

She explained that when the vaccine gets injected into the arm, the "immune cells come in, they take up the vaccine" and "start making spike protein," which is the most toxic part of the virus.

The immune cells rush into the lymph system and many of them end up in the spleen, where they produce antibodies, as designed.

"The problem is that those terminal centers in the spleen are really the center place where Parkinson's disease develops, and probably many other neurodegenerative diseases," she said.

Seneff explained how Parkinson's is generated, concluding "it feels to me like this is a perfect set-up for this."

She was asked what she would say to parents who are being pressured to get the vaccine.

"They should do everything they can to avoid it," she replied. "Absolutely everything they can."

Seneff writes with Greg Nigh that with "the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, CKD, ALS and Alzheimer’s, and these diseases will show up with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations, in years to come."


Joe Biden’s nominee for commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission hates conservative media broadcasters and wants the federal agency to regulate them out of business.

The Federalist reports that the White House first announced Gigi Sohn as Biden’s FCC nominee in October.

“Gigi is one of the nation’s leading public advocates for open, affordable, and democratic communications networks,” the Biden administration claimed. “For over thirty years, Gigi has worked to defend and preserve the fundamental competition and innovation policies that have made broadband Internet access more ubiquitous, competitive, affordable, open, and protective of user privacy.”

That was quickly exposed as a lie, and Sohn’s inclination towards censorship and partisan regulation quashed her chances of confirmation.

Biden re-nominated Sohn at the beginning of the year but her chances of gaining Republican support are once again slim considering her history of criticizing and painting TV networks she disagrees with as "threats to our democracy" that need to be punished.

In one 2019 tweet, Sohn hinted that Fox News should be scrutinized because they “have played their own role in destroying democracy.”

“I agree that scrutiny of big tech is essential, as is scrutiny of big telecom, cable and media. And trust me, the latter have played their own role in destroying democracy and electing autocrats. Like, say, Fox News?” she tweeted.


One year later, after social media companies censored posts about Covid-19 and circulation of the Hunter Biden laptop story, Sohn once again asked: “So do you still want me to believe that social media is more dangerous to our democracy than Fox News?”


We have a question for the Senators who will be considering Sohn's nomination to be the head of the FCC. If she is that disturbed by the content she sees at Fox News and wants it banned from the airwaves, what would she think about, Lindell TV or some of the other alternatives to Fox that have sprung up in recent months?


Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, who some say could be the heir apparent to Nancy Pelosi as the next Democrat Speaker of the House, slipped up at a press conference this week and let the cat out of the bag as to where Democrats got their inspiration for the bill that would federalize and nationalize American elections, codifying much of the fraud that has been documented in recent months.

Jeffries said the federal takeover of elections bill was inspired by Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez and radical revolutionary Cesar Chavez.

Take a look at what he said.


That explains a lot. Thank you Congressman Jeffries for your honesty. That's a rare virtue among your colleagues.


Gateway Pundit is reporting that the sham January 6 Committee led by disgruntled Trump-basher Liz Cheney announced on Tuesday it had subpoenaed former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, former Trump campaign attorneys Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, and Trump 2020 strategic adviser Boris Epshteyn.

The committee claims the four had advanced unsupported theories of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The 2020 election steal continues to be the greatest crime in US history.


Recently the Washington Post ran an op-ed from three retired generals: Antonio Taguba, an immigrant who had accused America of war crimes during the fight against Islamic terrorists in Iraq; Steven Anderson, a board member of the left-wing VoteVets; and Paul Eaton, a senior VoteVets adviser.

The purpose of the op-ed was to give the three left-wing generals a platform to urge the military to prepare for a "2024 insurrection" by conservatives inside and outside of the military.

Daniel Greenfield, in a new article for Front Page Magazine, takes a closer look at who may be behind these three wayward retired generals. To the surprise of many, at least two of the three retired military men are working for an organization funded by George Soros.

Shortly after the op-ed appeared in the Post, General Eaton spoke to NPR which, like the Washington Post, did not bother identifying VoteVets as a left-wing group or explain to readers that his hatred for Republicans knows no bounds. Nor did it inform readers or listeners that Eaton is a board member of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft which was co-funded by George Soros.

Eaton told NPR that military leaders needed to "war-game the possibility of a problem and what we are going to do" while warning that the United States is "compromised... as far as 39 percent of the Republican Party refusing to accept President Biden as president." He suggested that a scenario in which the military is "compromised" needs to be "addressed in a future war game held well in advance of 2024."

Greenfield rhetorically asks his readers to think back to a simpler time when the U.S. military held war games to fight our enemies rather than to purge its own people.


Finally tonight, we conclude our broadcast of the Worldview Report with our take on the day's news.

Well, we knew it was coming. Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested months ago that he wanted the experimental gene therapy injections given not just to adults, not just to pregnant mothers, not just to kids ages 5 and up, but to infants as well.

Apparently, he's about to get his wish granted by the corrupt Food and Drug Administration.

CNBC reports that Fauci, who is the White House chief medical advisor, said Wednesday that the FDA could approve Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine for children under 5 years old within the next month.

“My hope is that it’s going to be within the next month or so and not much later than that, but I can’t guarantee that,” Fauci said during an interview with Blue Star Families, a nonprofit group that supports military families.

Fauci has been compared to the Nazi Dr. Mengele and he seems to be eager to match that barbaric scientist's record of atrocities in every way possible.

What could be worse than advocating an experimental treatment on babies as young as six months old, as he now is pushing for?

Fauci told CNBC that infants and toddlers will likely "need three doses" of the experimental Covid injections, because two shots did not induce an adequate immune response in 2- to 4-year-olds in Pfizer’s clinical trials.

Pfizer plans to submit data to the Food and Drug Administration in the first half of 2022 if the three-dose study proves successful, the company announced in December. Pfizer, according to CNBC, said it "did not identify any safety concerns with the 3-microgram vaccine doses in children six months to 4-years-old."

Really? Pfizer, a criminal entity with a long list of infractions over the years, has already been caught falsifying data from previous vaccine trials, and we are now supposed to trust them with our babies?

Question: How well are those injections working for the other age groups, Dr. Fauci? That's a question CNBC refused to ask the fraudulent scientist.

Instead, CNBC chooses propaganda over journalism, stating that "Children under 5 are particularly vulnerable right now because they are the only age group that is not currently eligible for vaccination."

"Hospitalizations of children with Covid are rising as the highly contagious omicron variant has rapidly spread through communities across the U.S. over the past month."

Another question for Fauci and his state-sponsored propaganda arm at CNBC: How many children between the ages of six months and 4 years old have died from Covid?

If they had bothered to check, they would know that the number of American babies and toddlers who have died solely from Covid is nonexistent.

So spare us your lies, your half-truths and your fear-based innuendos, Dr. Fauci. This is a man who belongs on a witness stand being cross-examined with real questions by criminal prosecutors, not addressing American parents while being lobbed softball questions by his friends in the corrupt corporate media.

No wonder the American people are abandoning the corporate media in droves. Ratings for all of the major cable networks are in freefall and reaching historic lows.

We welcome them to join the ranks of the truly informed.

Thank you for watching. We'll see you back here for the next edition of Worldview Report. I'm Brannon Howse.


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