Who is Winning The Evolution vs. Creation War

It is late January as I'm writing this, and like everyyear at this time, my thoughts are on the prebornchildren, some 47 million and counting, who have neverseen the light of day in this great country of ours.  But I am departing from my usual column about abortionto address an issue even more foundational to themoral fabric of American culture.  That issue is humanorigins, and it finds expression in American publiclife through the debate between the opposingworldviews of evolution and creation. And this debate is an emotionally charged one.  Onecase in point is the recent Kitzmiller v. Dover (Pa.)School District decision.  Backed by the AmericanCivil Liberties Union, eight families in Dover,Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit in federal courtchallenging the validity of a school board resolutionwhich required the reading of a statement at thebeginning of each ninth grade biology class.  In part,the statement said:    "Because Darwin's theory is a theory, it continues tobe tested as new evidence is discovered.  The theoryis not a fact.  Gaps in the theory exist for whichthere is no evidence.  Intelligent design is anexplanation of the origin of life that differs fromDarwin's view.  With respect to any theory, studentsare encouraged to keep an open mind.  The schoolleaves the discussion of the origins of life toindividual students and their families."On December 21, 2005, U.S. District Judge John E.Jones rendered a decision on this case.  In hisruling, Judge Jones declared intelligent design areligion and ordered the school board to remove the159-word statement.  He also went on to providespecial protection for the theory of evolution,stating that the school board could not requireteachers to denigrate the theory. In other words, he placed the theory beyond allcriticism.  National Geographic magazine did the same thing in itsNovember 2004 issue.  The cover story, "Was DarwinWrong?," starts off answering its own question bysaying "No. The evidence for evolution isoverwhelming."  The writer then spends about thirtypages proudly declaring that there is a vast body ofsupporting evidence for it.  While space doesn't permit me to address the article'snumerous fallacies, the magazine unknowingly presenteda major piece of evidence disproving Darwin's theory. In a one-page article about robotic vehicles thatappeared on the page before the Darwin article, writerJoel Achenbach contrasts these devices with atwo-year-old toddler.  Listen to his conclusion: "theautonomous vehicles, despite being loaded with lasers,radar, stereoscopic cameras, gyroscopes, advancedcomputers, and GPS guidance, had trouble figuring outfast enough the significance of obstacles that atwo-year-old human recognizes immediately."  He wenton to admit that the toddler is "more advanced, evenin diapers, than any machine humans have devised."Sadly, the magazine's editors missed the logicalimplications of the research presented.  Even thoughthe toddler is more advanced than any machine humanshave ever intelligently designed, the magazineattempts to explain how this toddler arose by a seriesof random mutations and chance processes over millionsof years, and all without the aid of any intelligentforce or mechanism!  What's wrong with this picture? Many other intellectually dishonest and logicallyinconsistent arguments litter the landscape whichsupposedly supports  evolution.  Here's just oneexample: look at Mount Rushmore, and any thinkingperson would say it is not the result of random winderosion, but rather the result of intelligent design. No one debates that, but evolutionists claim with astraight face that the DNA molecule, which containsall the genetic information required for life, cameinto being by mere chance.  Yet the amount ofinformation that could be stored in a pinhead's volumeof DNA is equivalent to a pile of paperback books 500times as high as the distance from the Earth to themoon, with each book having a different yet specificcontent!  Even leading atheistic evolutionist RichardDawkins has admitted that "there is enough informationcapacity in a single human cell to store theEncyclopedia Britannica, all 30 volumes of it, threeor four times over."  While I am extremely passionate about abortion, I ameven more passionate about this, because it isfoundational to all the other great moral issues. What we believe about where we came from determineswhat we believe about everything else.  When we getthe issue of our origins right, we will then get theissue of life right.  By the way, Francis Bacon, credited with formulatingand establishing the scientific method and widelyregarded as the father of modern science, was aChristian, and he believed that science should not bebound by philosophical restraints, but free to pursuetruth wherever it leads.    As the Dover case demonstrates, evolution is aphilosophy whose gatekeepers are getting increasinglydesperate.  But make no mistake about it, this falsegod will not remove its tentacles from Americanculture without a fight, because it is a jealous godthat demands full allegiance from its adherents.Ultimately, however, God, whose name is Jealous(Exodus 34:14), will win the day, because He maintainsan intellect far superior to the combined sum of allhuman intellect.  As a lover of true science, I restin Him.

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