U.S. Embassy in Russia Urging Americans to Leave the Country as Things Heat Up : September 30, 2022

Did the administration of Joe Biden order a strike on Russia’s Nord
Stream pipeline in an act of international sabotage? Some are pointing to a
statement made by ole Joe six months ago to suggest he was the likely culprit in
what many consider to be an act of war.
And now, all Americans still in Russia are being told to leave, immediately.
Remember those contact tracing apps that people in many countries, including the
U.S. had on their cellphones during the Covid scare? One country is now flipping
those apps into a permanent tracking device monitoring its citizens’ every move.
And Justin Trudeau’s plan to disarm the Canadian population isn’t going to be
carried out as seamlessly as he had hoped. We’ll show you how Canadians are
We’ve also got new details on the FBI’s pre-dawn raid on a pro-life activist’s
home in Pennsylvania and we will compare and contrast that Gestapo-like raid to
how Biden’s FBI has treated another case in which a leftist shot and injured an 84-
year-old pro-life activist.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.
Europe’s lifeline to Russian energy has officially been severed, potentially
accelerating the drift towards World War III.
According to reports, both the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines
from Russia to Europe lost pressure and ruptured in an overnight operation,
sending plumes of methane up through the Baltic Sea.
Some point the finger at Vladimir Putin, alleging that it was a false-flag attack by
the Russians to drive up the cost of oil and natural gas. The Russian government
responded by saying such an operation would be “stupid” and self-defeating.
Others say Ukraine could have sabotaged the pipeline in order to draw Europe
further into the war with Russia.
But still others are pointing the finger squarely at Joe Biden.
Why? Because Biden made a statement six months ago in which he promised that
the pipelines would be “no longer” if Russia invaded Ukraine.



Norway has now replaced Russia as Europe's top natural gas supplier as energy
supply chains are being hastily restructured.
But according to an article in the Daily Mail, being the largest supplier to the
energy-stricken continent comes with risks, as the Scandinavian country's oil and
gas rigs in the North Sea have been buzzed by mysterious drones. 
The country's Petroleum Safety Authority warned these mysterious drones could
unleash "deliberate attacks" on critical energy infrastructure or even smash into a
helicopter on an offshore oil rig. 
Norway’s energy minister explained the government is “increasing security at
infrastructure sites, land terminals and platforms on the Norwegian continental
Drones have buzzed at least six of Norwegian energy giant Equinor's offshore
platforms, coming within the security perimeter of 500 meters. One drone flew
within 50 meters of the Heidrun platform in the Norwegian Sea.
According to the Daily Mail article, “The Scandinavian country has a vast network
of pipelines linking it to the continent, which experts have said are at risk of
This report comes as U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm alerted EU
countries to increase security around energy assets, including LNG carriers enroute
to Europe. 


Indian officials are repurposing a controversial COVID-19 contract-tracing app to
be used as a key component of the country’s healthcare infrastructure, the
National Pulse reports.
The app, Aarogya Setu, was developed in 2020 by the country’s Ministry of
Electronics and Information Technology and was initially advertised as a
“temporary solution to a temporary problem.”

The government, however, now plans to broaden usage of the app, with a senior
official announcing that it will become the country’s sole healthcare app. Citizens
can use the app to book appointments, schedule surgeries, etc.
The decision follows the app’s rollout being met with significant controversy over
its potential threat to data privacy and allowing for government intrusion into
healthcare, according to the National Pulse article.
It stores location data and requires constant access to the users’ Bluetooth, with the
app justifying its invasive measure as essential to letting people know if they’ve
been near a person infected with COVID.
The app then allows for authorities to upload the gathered information to a
government-owned and operated server, which “provides data to persons carrying
out medical and administrative interventions necessary in relation to Covid-19.”
According to the National Pulse, a clause in the app’s Terms and Conditions also
states that the user “agrees and acknowledges that the Government of India will not
be liable for … any unauthorized access to your information or modification
Despite the invasive tracking feature, millions were left with a dire choice: Either
download the app or go to jail, as the government announced that downloading it
would be mandatory for both government and private employees. Some Indian
suburbs such as Noida made downloading the app compulsory for all residents,
threatening six months of jail time if they failed to comply.
Rahul Gandhi, leader of India’s Congress party, criticized the app as a
“sophisticated surveillance system” in a Tweet.
This is part of the global tracking, monitoring and social scoring program being
pushed by the World Economic Forum. Every nation will at some point be
pressured to implement this system if the globalists at the WEF and UN get their


The Counter Signal is reporting some promising news out of Canada regarding
the resistance in that country to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recently
announced plans to disarm law-abiding Canadians.
The government of Saskatchewan announced it will follow Alberta’s lead in telling
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to ignore orders from the Trudeau Liberals to
confiscate citizens’ legally-purchased firearms.
Saskatchewan Chief Firearms Officer Bob Freberg revealed that the province
wrote to the RCMP saying “no provincially funded resources of any type,”
including the RCMP, will be used for federal Public Safety Minister Marco
Medicino’s gun bans and buybacks.
Freberg made the comments on the radio program, the John Gormley Show.
As first reported by The Counter Signal, the Government of Alberta sent
instructions to the RCMP K-Division, the arm of the federal police force with
authority in Alberta, to ignore orders from the Trudeau Liberals to confiscate
The orders came after Medicino requested Premier Jason Kenney’s government
help in implementing the so-called buyback program.
“I am writing to seek your support in implementing the buyback program,”
Mendicino wrote in a letter to the Alberta government. He said his office would be
working directly with policing authorities to successfully implement the program.
In May 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he was banning more than
1,500 models of firearms, including AR-15s. Owners of these guns would have a
two-year amnesty period to come into compliance with the prohibition, he said at
the time.
The Liberals said they plan on spending up to $250 million buying back the guns.
Alberta Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro said Monday he would obstruct the gun
grab by any means necessary.

“Alberta is not legally obligated and will not offer any provincial resources to the
Federal Government as it seeks to confiscate lawfully acquired firearms,” Shandro
“The decision to ban over 1,500 models of different firearms, simply because the
‘style’ of the firearm was deemed to be aesthetically displeasing, is offensive and
suggests to us that you are uninterested in meaningfully addressing gun crime.”


We played for you in our previous newscast the now famous speech delivered by
Italian firebrand Giorgia Meloni, who was just elected to be the next prime
minister of Italy.
For standing up in defense of traditional values of family, faith and country,
Meloni has been universally condemned by the global media in this country and
others as the second-coming of Benito Mussolini. She’s a “fascist,” they say,
without explaining how demanding parents have a say in their children’s
education, or that boys should be referred to as “he” and girls as “she,” for
example, makes one a fascist. We’re just supposed to believe it because they said
Another strong female political figure was asked by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to
respond. Here’s a clip from that interview with Kari Lake, running for governor of
Well said, Kari Lake.


A new study was published September 26th that admits the mRNA “vaccine”
clinical trials excluded several vulnerable groups, including children and
breastfeeding mothers. These tests should have been done before rolling out a mass
vaccination program – but hey, this is the new way of practicing experimental
medicine, writes Dr. Byram Bridle in a recent commentary.
Results of the study were published in the high-impact medical journal
called JAMA Pediatrics (JAMA stands for Journal of the American Medical

Dr. Bridle provided a commentary on this new study which sought to establish if
the spike protein got into breast milk, a concern that was raised by some scientists
as something deserving of intensive investigation back in May and June
2021. These concerns were dismissed as “misinformation” and the scientists
raising them were “raked over the coals well over one year ago,” he writes.
But the new study, while paying the necessary homage to the official narrative,
serves as belated confirmation their concerns were well founded.
Bridle writes:
“At its core, this new peer-reviewed scientific publication provides clear proof-of-
principle evidence that the mRNA from both Pfizer/BioNTech’s and Moderna’s
Covid-19 inoculations gets into the breast milk of lactating mothers. Obstetric,
gynecology and pediatric societies outright lied to you when they said that no
components of the ‘vaccines’ get into breast milk.”
There are already several known cases of babies dying or getting severely ill as a
result of breastfeeding from Covid-vaxxed mothers.

The U.S. Embassy in Russia is urging Americans in the country to leave
immediately while warning U.S. citizens to not travel to Russia after Russian
President Vladimir Putin ordered a call-up of 300,000 reservists to aid depleted
forces in Ukraine.
The embassy said in a September 28 security alert that Russia may prevent U.S.
citizens from leaving the country and could conscript dual nationals into military
Russia might refuse to acknowledge dual nationals’ U.S. citizenship or restrict
their access to U.S. consular assistance, officials said.
Many flights booked up and prices soared after Putin announced a call-up of
reservists for the first time since World War II.
You can see this tweet from the CEO of the Hermitage Museum in Russia.

Many Americans who have business or family ties to Russia have already left but
some remain.
This may be a “last call” warning before Russia closes its borders and the war
drums now being beaten by both NATO and Russia evolve into a full-blown world
war between the super powers.


The Gateway Pundit reports that Virgin Atlantic Airlines has modified its
gendered clothing requirement uniform policy to permit male staff to wear skirts as
it launches a new campaign to become the world’s “most inclusive airline.”
Pronoun badges will also be offered to the plane crew and customers in addition to
allowing staff to “wear uniforms that express their true identity.”
Virgin Atlantic staffers are now given “gender-inclusive” uniform options. The
“red option” was previously required uniform for female flight attendants and the
“burgundy” option was previously worn by male flight attendants. Now, either
option is available for either sex, allowing men to wear skirts and women to wear
trousers. Additional options are now available for “non-binary” members of the
Customers are now permitted to select new “gender-neutral” pronouns including
“Mx,” “U” or “X” markers when booking their flights.
The airline’s staff will also be provided with pronoun badges to display to
passengers the pronouns they prefer to be referred as. The optional badges are also
available to customers during check-in.
All Virgin Atlantic staffers are also now required to attend “inclusivity” training,
the Daily Mail reports.


Anne Van der Bijl, the founder of the international ministry Open Doors, and
known around the world as “Brother Andrew,” died Tuesday at the age of 94 at his
home in the Netherlands, according to a family spokesperson.
Open Doors is the oldest worldwide ministry to persecuted Christians. Under
Brother Andrew’s leadership, the ministry’s presence expanded into more than 60
countries, where it now provides Bibles, emergency relief, vocational training,

community rebuilding and other essential help to Christians who are persecuted
because of their faith. Open Doors is celebrating 67 years of ministry in 2022.
Brother Andrew earned the nickname “God’s Smuggler” for his daring Bible
deliveries behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War and was known by
many for his adventurous faith and intensely devoted prayer life.
David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, said in a statement about
the passing of the ministry’s founder:
“Brother Andrew was an ordinary man who chose to go to hard places and do
amazing things for one reason: He was following Jesus. One of the most
interesting and well-known Christian leaders of our time, his passing indeed leaves
a great void. But we believe, as he did, that God will raise people up to continue
his good work in the persecuted church, to be the Brother Andrews of our
After enduring the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II,
Brother Andrew went to Poland with a suitcase full of Bibles and Christian
literature. There Brother Andrew discovered that churches behind the Iron Curtain
were isolated, sparking his passion to serve them and ultimately leading him to
form the ministry that became Open Doors.
May Brother Andrew rest in peace.


A group of about a dozen congressional Republicans want Attorney General
Merrick Garland to answer for the early morning raid last week on the home of
pro-life Catholic and father of seven Mark Houck in Pennsylvania.
Houck pleaded not guilty on September 27th to two federal charges of violating
the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in 2021 when he is alleged
to have pushed an abortion-clinic employee who was harassing his 12-year-old
son. State charges had already been dismissed this summer but Attorney General
Garland picked up the case and prosecuted Houck under federal laws that shield
abortion-clinic customers from sidewalk counselors.

The lawmakers’ letter, released on Tuesday, September 27th, asks Garland to
explain the “extraordinary reason for showing up at the home of an American
family, allegedly with roughly 25 heavily armed federal agents, and arresting a
father in front of his seven children.”
Here’s a clip from LifeSite News’ recent interview with the Houck family
WATCH VIDEO (clip from 7:19 mark to 10:42 mark)
Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
We’d like to compare the government’s treatment of Mark Houck, terrorizing his
children in a pre-dawn raid on his home with armed agents barging in with guns
drawn, with how they’ve treated a Michigan man who shot an 84-year-old pro-life
The elderly woman was shot September 20th in Lake Odessa, Michigan, while she
was campaigning against a Michigan ballot referendum that would legalize
abortion on demand up to birth.
Now, the man who shot her is claiming it was an “accident” and has not been
charged with any crime. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a minute and
say maybe he did pull the trigger by accident. That doesn’t explain why he picked
up a gun and pointed it at an unarmed 84-year-old woman to begin with. That in
itself could justify charges and would result in charges if it were the other way
around. Mark Houck didn’t point a gun at anyone. He, as a grown man looking out
for his young son, pushed another grown man who he felt was threatening his son.
Now he’s being charged with a felony by Joe Biden’s Justice Department.
According to a press release from Right to Life Michigan, “the 84-year-old victim
said she was shot in the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated
conversation and that the man who shot her was not a part of her conversation.”
The press release continues, stating:
“The victim does not know the identity or motive of her shooter. The victim is still
recovering from her gunshot wound and wishes to remain anonymous while the
criminal investigation proceeds.”

This type of violence against pro-life Americans doesn’t concern the DOJ or the
FBI, but a man pushing a pro-abortion radical for trying to intimidate his 12-year-
old son? Yeah, that’s a top priority.
This administration has strayed so far outside of the rule of law in its skewed idea
of “justice” that it’s making America look more like China or the Soviet Union
than the land of the free and home of the brave. Hopefully we’re still brave, even if
we’re not free. It’s going to take bravery to stand up to Joe Biden’s Gestapo as his
regime becomes more desperate to hold onto power in the weeks and months
That does it for another edition of the Worldview Report. We thank you for tuning
in and hope you will support us going forward.
From everyone at the Worldview Report, good night and God bless. And may God
save America!


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