Socialism Continues To Creep Its Way Into America


  • Ukraine launches a massive drone attack on Russia as the world waits for Putin to strike back.
  • The Biden regime's taxpayer-funded push for a so-called clean energy economy is benefiting the left's most prominent billionaire megadonors.
  • The new socialist government of Brazil is forcing parents to vaccinate their children if they want to continue putting them in school or receiving any type of government assistance.
  • Here in America, the state of Massachusetts is offering young children $75 gift cards if they will only get a DNA-altering, life-threatening Covid vaccine.
  • Is Google really a private company? A prominent author says no, it was a creation of the CIA.
  • The Vatican is urging Catholics to give up fossil fuels for Lent.
  • And NATO affirms Ukraine’s future membership in its military alliance.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Mass drone attacks unleashed chaos, air raid sirens and terror deep inside the Russia on Monday night and Tuesday morning in what appears to be the launching of a new phase of the war.

Zero Hedge reports that Russia came under attack by multiple Ukrainian-made drones, with one of them striking and setting on fire an oil depot in the southern part of the country, and another hitting outside Moscow.

The attack on the oil facility happened in a city which lies about 150 miles southeast of the Crimean peninsula, with Reuters citing local media to report, “Emergency services put out a fire at an oil depot in southern Russia overnight after a drone was spotted flying overhead, the RIA news agency said on Tuesday.” 

The city of Tuapse is about 500 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian-held territory, which exhibits significant reach assuming the attack was launched by the Ukrainians.

The fires which started at the facility at about 2:30am were extinguished after they spread to an area of some 200 square meters. “The oil tanks were not affected. There was no spill of oil products. No injuries,” a local official, Sergei Boyko, described.

Another drone crashed in the Moscow region on the same day, with Governor Andrei Vorobyov saying it was likely an operation to target civilian infrastructure.

Vorobyov said on his Telegram channel, as translated by the Moscow Times:

“This happened near the village of Gubastovo, the target was probably a civilian infrastructure facility, it was not damaged. There are no casualties or destruction on the ground.”

He added that, “The FSB and other competent authorities are dealing with the situation, nothing threatens the safety of residents.” The Moscow Times notes that unverified reports said the drone was a Ukrainian UJ-22 Airborne model.

The Russian defense ministry in a statement made mention of a third drone attack in southern Russia, close in time to the attack on the oil facility which it says was intercepted.


The new socialist government of Brazil has announced that parents must vaccinate their children in order to receive government benefits.

The announcement was made in February by the newly-elected President Lula da Silva, who stated that the country’s social welfare program for low-income families, and a pseudo-universal basic income program, according to Latin America News – would require families to make sure their children are up-to-date on their shots in order to receive food or rent subsidies.

The low-income family program is being brought back, and it is coming back with new conditions. The children have to be in school. If they are not in school, the mother loses the benefit.

The children have to be vaccinated. If they don’t have a vaccination certificate, the mother will lose the benefit.

Socialism. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Back here on the home front, we have our own problems with creeping socialism. The state of Massachusetts is offering young children $75 gift cards if they will only get a life-altering, life-threatening Covid vaccine. Yes. That’s the vaccine that causes enlarged heart muscles in young people and has killed thousands of them over the last two years. It’s also been known to cause infertility. But Massachusetts hates you so much that they’re willing to pay you to get your children injected with this poison.

A couple of weeks ago the state Department of Public Health re-launched a new program to try and entice both adults and children to get a Covid-19 vaccine, by offering a $75 gift card if the recipient receives their first, second, or booster dose. Each shot is worth one gift card.

Take a look at this completely biased, dishonest report from this ABC affiliate.


As you saw there, anyone 6 months of age and older is eligible to get these death shots.

According to a press release from the state updated this morning, “The Get Boosted” initiative has been extended through March 31, 2023, for all participating communities.

Registration and appointments are not required but encouraged.

The website provides a list of all participating locations.

The state had launched an identical program last year as well.

According to USA Facts, Massachusetts already has one of the largest vaccination rates in the country, with a reported 95% of the state getting at least one vaccine (nearly 7 million), and 80% for a second dose, but only 43% for one booster. 


Breitbart News reports that Ukraine’s long-standing pleas for NATO membership received an affirmative response Tuesday with the promise of it joining “in the long term,” a move that is sure to infuriate Moscow.


The secretary-general of the Western military alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, stressed the immediate challenge is Ukraine remaining an independent nation free from the invading forces of neighbor Russia as he flagged the future membership.

The Daily Mail reports that Stoltenberg told reporters during a visit to Finland’s capital Helsinki:

“NATO allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a member of our alliance, but at the same time that is a long-term perspective.”

Stoltenberg’s statement reaffirmed the belief already held in Kiev that membership is inevitable.


In other news, we learned this week, or should we say it was confirmed this week, that Google was “fundamentally started as a CIA project,” according to journalist Alan MacLeod, author of the book Propaganda in the Information Age.

MacLeod has warned that tech giants’ ties with intelligence agencies pose big problems for freedom of information as well as freedom of speech.

LifeSite News reports that MacLeod, who has extensively researched the ties between the national security state and Big Tech, explained to journalist Whitney Webb on the Unlimited Hangout podcast how a prior investigation by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed found that the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA) were “bankrolling” research by Sergey Brin at Stanford University, which “produced Google.”

Not only that, MacLeod said, “but his supervisor there was a CIA person. So the CIA actually directly midwifed Google into existence. In fact, until 2005, the CIA actually held shares in Google and eventually sold them.”

Ahmed explained that Brin and his Google co-founder, Larry Page, developed “the core component of what eventually became Google’s search service…with funding from the Digital Library Initiative (DLI),” which is a program of the National Science Foundation (NSA), NASA, and DARPA.

In addition, the intelligence community’s Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS) initiative, a project sponsored by the NSA, CIA, and the Director of Central Intelligence, “essentially provided Brin seed-funding, which was supplemented by many other sources.”

Brin and Page “regularly” reported to “representatives of a sensitive U.S. intelligence community research program on information security and data-mining,” Ahmed shared.

Ahmed has argued that the involvement of intelligence agencies in the birth of Google, for example, is deeply purposeful: that they have “nurtured the web platforms we know today for the precise purpose of utilizing the technology … to fight a global ‘information war’ — a war to legitimize the power of the few over the rest of us.”

In his own research, LifeSite reports that MacLeod has found that the CIA’s ties with Google continue today, as “there are dozens and dozens of examples” of former CIA agents who now work at Google, “who had just been parachuted into these positions of extreme importance.” 


The Biden regime's taxpayer-funded push to build a “clean energy economy” is benefiting the left's most prominent billionaire megadonors, including Bill Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs, a Washington Free Beacon analysis found.

Biden's Energy Department has in the last two months announced nearly $3 billion in loans to two electric battery companies, Redwood Materials and Ioneer, which are backed by seed funding from Gates, Jobs, and other left-wing billionaires. Now those billionaires, who have poured millions into the effort to win Democrats power in Washington, are likely set to see a handsome profit from their initial investment, the Free Beacon reports. 

Ioneer, for example, won a $700 million loan from the Biden administration and saw its stock price increase by 33 percent after the announcement.

Biden's Energy Department is funding Redwood and Ioneer through its controversial Loan Programs Office. Under former president Barack Obama, the office approved a $529 million loan to electric car manufacturer Fisker, which declared bankruptcy in 2013 and was subsequently sold to China. The office was largely dormant following Fisker's taxpayer-funded failure—until Biden's so-called Inflation Reduction Act re-funded it to the tune of more than $300 billion. Congressional Republicans such as Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) warned that the money would create a “green energy slush fund”—predictions that are now proving true.


Shocking footage out of India shows the moment a police officer collapsed while working out in a gym and suddenly died.

Security camera footage last week from the gym in Hyderabad showed the 30-year-old officer, Y. Vishal, performing a series of stretches after completing a set of pushups when he suddenly slumps over while grasping a piece of exercise equipment before falling onto the ground.


This is happening throughout the world. This just happened to be caught on video and uploaded to the internet, which represents only a tiny fraction of the overall deaths, most of which happen with little or no public exposure.

And the mainstream corporate media remains silent.


Twice-failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and self-described voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams is for some reason in Nigeria on the ground playing umpire in that nation’s elections.

Human Events reports that Abrams is with the National Democratic Institute “on a mission to observe elections and encourage voter participation,” ZeroHedge reports. The NDI is a “diplomatic initiative,” focusing on the youth vote, something Abrams has also pressed in her home state of Georgia. 

According to Human Events, Abrams gave an interview from the capital city of Abuja about overseeing those elections and visiting polling places. Human Rights Watch said a “thick veil of violence” surrounded Nigeria's elections.

Abrams went on to discuss youth voters in Nigeria, saying that “they want to be heard. They believe progress is possible. They believe that more is possible. They understand that they are the most assailed by unemployment, that the challenges they face are real, but that so is the opportunity for change. What we've tried to have a conversation about though is the caution that not every election turns out the way you want, but that the responsibility is to show up and try to shape the future as much as you can.”

Abrams ought to know a thing or two about learning to accept elections that don’t turn out the way she wants.

Abrams ran and lost for governor of Georgia twice, both times against Brian Kemp. Each time she ran, Abrams claimed that the voting rights of minorities were being violated. In her first failed attempt, she refused to concede the election and paraded around the country for weeks telling people she was the rightful governor of Georgia.


The Vatican’s official newspaper has appealed to Catholics to “fast from gas” and other fossil fuels during Lent in solidarity with those suffering “cold in Ukraine.”

Lent is “a time for reflection and concrete actions such as ‘fasting from gas’ and limiting the use of heating,” the Catholic newspaper proposed, adding “not only as a sign of solidarity with Ukrainians and other afflicted peoples, but also to defund the war economy.”

Interviewed in the newspaper last week, the Italian program director (Cecilia Dall’Oglio may be hard to pronounce) of the Catholic Church’s environmental movement, said turning on heating gas means “financing a war economy and we don’t want that anymore.”

She added that, “Fasting from gas is Italy’s way of joining the Global Action Week during Lent: a time of awareness about ecological sins and our responsibilities.”


A top cardinal declared last fall there is “no place for discussion with those who doubt or deny the ‘climate crisis.’”

Dall’Oglio also strongly recommended using the time of Lent to divest from fossil fuels, as a testimony of proximity to “our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.”


The Gateway Pundit reports that the world-famous climate brat Greta Thunberg is now in Norway protesting wind farms. 

Isn’t she supposed to support alternative and green forms of energy like this? Isn’t this what she has been demanding for years now?

Take a look.


As noted by the Gateway Pundit, one almost gets the impression that Greta is more interested in protesting than she is in the issue of climate change.


Meanwhile, environmental activist Erin Brockovich has traveled to East Palestine, Ohio and is talking about what she found there and what she recommends be done.

Take a look at this clip from her recent interview with WBNS TV.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:30)

One of the commenters on that video stated, “The gaslighting is almost as bad as the poison chemicals. This tragedy will affect people for decades. Thank you, Erin for giving your voice during this media blackout.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The fake meat industry continues to make inroads in global courts and it may soon be difficult to tell the real from the fake, based on the packaging.

According to a press release by Fastfood & Ravintola Helsinki:

A decision has been reached in Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court (KHO) that the use of the name “burger patty” can be applied to plant-based products, but the use of the term “plant-based meat” was prohibited.

Yes, you heard that right. Plant-based meat cannot be referred to as “plant based,” but if you lie to the consumer and call your plant-based product a burger patty, that’s now perfectly all right according to Finnish law.

In November 2019, the director of the country’s Environmental Health Control ordered Pouttu Limited to change the marketing of its products “MUU Burger Patty” and “MUU Plant-based ball” and banned the use of the terms “burger patty” and “plant-based meat” as misleading marketing. 

After the previous legal proceedings, MeEat Food Tech Ltd., which manufactures MUU products, separated from Pouttu Limited as an independent company. MeEat may potentially claim compensation from the government for changes in the burger patty packaging requirements.

MeEat CEO Mikko Karell, said:

“Although the term ‘plant based-meat’ still cannot be used in marketing, we strongly believe that consumers will continue to use the term and that it will become established as a normal expression in the Finnish language. More and more consumers already have plant-based food days and switching to a plant-based protein product is easier and tastier than ever. We are very happy that we can now sell plant-based patties. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the meat is made of, but that the food tastes good.”

Oh really? It doesn’t matter what it’s made of? Keep that comment in mind as you peruse your grocery store aisles going forward because it seems to be a mindset among the globalist elites from Bill Gates on down, that if they make it, just trust them that it’s going to be good for you to eat. Don’t ask any questions about what’s in it, just trust them. How did that work out for people who took the vaccines that were promoted by Gates, Fauci, Biden, and so many others in positions of trust?

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.



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