A Social Media Site For Those That Embrace A Christian Worldview


A Social Media Site For Those That Embrace A Christian Worldview

Coming September 1, 2013Sign up now to be alerted the very hour this new site goes live. We already have over 200,000 people on our e-mail alert list so don’t delay.  (Hint: after you signup below, share this page with your friends to increase your chances at a sneak peek of the site before we officially go live)Our computer team is now building a social media site for Conservative Christians where we are not blocked, censored, harassed, and mocked for our commitment to a Christian worldview. The idea for this social media site came about after we were locked out of our Worldview Weekend page on Facebook for four days late on June 20th to June 24th. You can read more about this here:http://bit.ly/1b2cDjwOn June 27th American Thinker reported “over the last couple of weeks Facebook has clamped down heavily on various (around 40) counter-jihad and patriot pages. The administrators of these pages were shocked when they logged on and found that their pages had suddenly 'disappeared'”.  According to American Thinker, “on the 19th of June, 'Ban Islam' was itself banned. ('Ban Islam' had at least 45,000 followers.) The admin immediately set up 'Ban Islam 2' only to be banned again a couple of days ago. 'Islam Against Women', 'Islam Free Planet' and many others have also been banned. The blog Sharia Unveiled estimates that around 40 pages have been banned in the last couple of weeks. And, as that blog puts it, 'from what we are hearing, this is only the beginning'”.  You can read the entire article here: http://bit.ly/12mfCj8This very same week Todd Starnes, of Fox News, reported that he too had been banned by Facebook. Later Facebook said it was a mistake but I am not buying it because of the numerous reports of this happening to others and my own firsthand experience.  http://bit.ly/17JRUSFThese are only a few of the numerous reports you will find on the World Wide Web of what is happening over at Facebook according to many firsthand reports. Don’t delay; sign up now to be notified when we go live September 1, 2013. Thank you for telling your friends and for checking back over the next few weeks for additional news and updates. Click here to sign up: www.myworldviewpage.com

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