Secret Royalties Payments to NIH Employees Including Dr. Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci? Worldview Report Transcript For May 12, 2022

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Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

I’m Brannon Howse.

Well, some are calling it the revolt of the momma bears.

In Texas, parents running for school boards on a platform that calls for removing critical race theory, masks and sexualized classroom instruction made a clean sweep of county school boards.

The bloodbath for liberal school boards took place in four districts in the Fort Worth, Texas, area over the weekend.

World Net Daily reports that all 13 candidates backed by conservative political action committees won their races Saturday, citing results the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

The Fort Worth paper spotlighted one of the successful candidates, Andrew Yeager, who ran on a platform of teaching students how to think and not what to think. Yeager said his focus would be education, not indoctrination. Candidate Tammy Nakamura ran a campaign focused on giving power back to parents and removing political influence from "liberal Austin lobbyists."

The blog Red State said the Texas election "teaches several lessons."

"First, if normal parents organize, they are a formidable force. Too often, we parents are too caught up in our lives to pay much attention to school board candidates. If you care about your kids and the country, pay attention."

Secondly, Republicans must abandon the idea that school board elections are nonpartisan. The left will put forward its candidates to carry out its radical agenda.

Lastly, school board elections are critical if we are to preserve our republic, the Red State blogger wrote, recalling the late Andrew Breitbart's contention that "politics is downstream from culture.”


The big lie told over and over and over again is that Covid vaccines work and will protect you from being sick and spreading that sickness to others.

Well, not only is that not true, it’s the total opposite of the truth.

Evidence continues to pile up that the injections make you more likely to get the disease they call Covid-19 and then more likely to spread it to your family, friends and other contacts.

The latest evidence comes from Walgreens’ data. This is data you won’t read about or hear about in the corporate media, which is compromised by advertising dollars from Big Pharma.

The data comes from over 5,000 Walgreens stores and it shows that the unvaccinated have the lowest positive Covid rate with the double and triple vaxxed having the highest.


So it’s not just that the vaccines don’t work. No, it’s worse than that. When something simply doesn’t work, that means it has no effect, either positive or negative. These vaccines are worse than that. They will actually make you sicker.

As Gateway Pundit reports, the unvaccinated show an 18% COVID positive rate.
This is lower than those with 3 doses of the vaccine who have a 19.2 COVID rate.

Those with three doses, with their last dose taken over five months ago have the highest COVID positive rate, at a whopping 31.3%.

If anyone asks you why you chose not to get vaccinated, show them this chart citing data from one of the largest dispensers of Covid tests.


Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is threatening several members of the Oathkeepers with life in prison for entering the Capitol building as part of the January 6 mostly peaceful protest.

These men engaged in no violence. They simply walked into the building as police stood by and watched, only to later be charged with parading in a federal building, a petty charge that has never before been used until now.

In a brilliant article for American Greatness, Julie Kelly compares and contrasts the treatment of the January 6 protesters with those who are protesting the leaked draft ruling out of the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

After noting that U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves’ own wife is one of those protesting at the Supreme Court and calling on others to join the fight, Kelly writes the following (LONG QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE FOLLOWS IN ITALICS):

Americans gathered outside a federal building after the leaked ruling was published on the evening of May 2 did not result in the use of nonlethal munitions such as flashbangs, tear gas, and rubber bullets by riot gear-clad D.C. Metro police. The media did not collectively suffer a nervous breakdown over attempts to “overthrow democracy” or “undermine the Constitution” that night.

Moving forward, undoubtedly, it won’t be considered a criminal “conspiracy,” a charge faced by dozens of January 6 defendants, to make plans to travel with others to Washington and participate in any future protest. Demonstrators who interrupt court business in advance of the final decision will not be charged with a felony count of “obstruction of an official proceeding” and tossed in solitary confinement for 317 days like Jacob Chansley.

No one will be hauled off to a special prison and denied bail for over a year awaiting trial.

Vice President Kamala Harris won’t be branded an “insurrectionist” for encouraging activists “to fight for women and our country with everything we have. Ditto for Senator Elizabeth Warren.


Continuing on this theme of Democrats inciting violence and breaking laws with impunity in their freak-out over a leaked draft Court ruling, we turn to Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago.

Here she is at a press conference after the leak.


And she didn’t stop there.

If anyone wondered just how unhinged the lesbian mayor could get, she proved that she knows no bounds and believes she can get away with saying just about anything. reports that Lightfoot has issued a “call to arms” against the institution of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a Twitter post Monday, Lightfoot claimed that LGBTQ+ rights were under threat after the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on abortion was leaked on May 2.

Exactly what being gay has to do with abortion rights we’re not sure but here’s what Lightfoot said in that tweet:


“To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community — the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms.” Lightfoot shared in a Twitter post. “We will not surrender our rights without a fight — a fight to victory!” the Mayor continued in a reply to her original post.

Lightfoot is clearly trying to expand the outrage from women wanting abortion on demand in every state to those who consider themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or one of the dozens of other twisted gender identities.

She is calling on them all to unite, take up arms and fight against a branch of the U.S. government. How is that not insurrection under the definition of that word used against the January 6 protesters, where no one called for taking up arms and no guns were used by the protesters?


Approximately $350 million in secret royalties were paid to the National Institutes of Health and hundreds of its scientists, including the agency’s recently departed director, Dr. Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to Open the Books, a nonprofit watchdog organization.

Open the Books received the information in a response to its request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Open the Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski (PRONOUNCED ANDREZOOSKI) broke the story May 9 in a telephone news conference with reporters.

On that call was a reporter for the Epoch Times, who quoted the CEO as follows:

“We estimate that up to $350 million in royalties from third parties were paid to NIH scientists during the fiscal years between 2010 and 2020. We draw that conclusion because, in the first five years, there has been $134 million that we have been able to quantify of top-line numbers that flowed from third-party payers, meaning pharmaceutical companies or other payers, to NIH scientists.”

The identities of the third-party payers were redacted and remain hidden from public view.

The first five years, from 2010 to 2014, constitute 40 percent of the total, he said, adding:

“Dr. Anthony Fauci received 23 payments …We now know that there are 1,675 scientists that received payments during that period, at least one payment. In fiscal year 2014, for instance, $36 million was paid out and that is on average $21,100 per scientist. We also find that during this period, leadership at NIH was involved in receiving third-party payments. For instance, Francis Collins, the immediate past director of NIH, received 14 payments. Dr. Anthony Fauci received 23 payments and his deputy, Clifford Lane, received eight payments.”

Collins resigned as NIH director in December 2021 after 12 years of leading the world’s largest public health agency.


Having successfully stripped the rights of its students when it comes to their bodily autonomy and vaccination choice, the Children’s Health Defense reports that the state of New York is now coming for the adults.

Senate Bill S75A, introduced by State Senator Brad Hoylman, is described as “an act to amend the public health law, in relation to adult immunization reporting requirements.”

According to Children’s Health Defense:

“The predatory bill has been lying in wait for years but quietly passed in both Health Committees last session as COVID fears were peaking. It would require physicians and healthcare practitioners to record every dose of a vaccination given to an adult in a New York State database.”

As currently written, S75A would require healthcare providers to register every shot provided to people 19 and over in the state database UNLESS a patient explicitly refuses. But the physician is under no obligation to identify that option.

Children’s Health Defense concludes:

“A vaccine database is the first step in establishing mandates for adults and would further enable vaccine passports and systems of segregation based on vaccination status. With a system like this in place, noncompliant adults will be easily tracked and potentially targeted. The database is also a critical step in helping the global vaccine industry rein in its next target market, adults, now that infant and childhood markets are saturated.”


The state of Alabama has made it illegal for any doctor to perform transgender surgery or proscribe chemically induced hormone blockers to anyone under age 19.

A federal judge refused to rule on a motion Friday that would have temporarily halted the law from taking effect.

Violating this law is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The Arkansas Legislature passed a similar bill last year but a federal judge blocked it from going into effect until a lawsuit challenging the prohibition plays out. But a motion to do the same in Alabama failed.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed her state’s bill in early April, and the U.S. Department of Justice joined by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Southern Poverty Law Center immediately filed suit in an attempt to block it.


Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, now the dean of the school of government at Regent University, is sounding the alarm about a package of amendments to the governing bylaws of the United Nations World Health Organization.

The amendments will be voted on at the WHO’s annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, May 22 through May 28, and, if passed by a simple majority vote of the 194 member nations, these amendments would transfer sovereignty over matters of “public health emergencies” from national governments over to the WHO.

Take a look at Bachmann’s presentation on War Room with Steve Bannon.


Great points there from the former Congresswoman. By the way, Bachmann said she was alerted to the proposed sovereignty-stealing amendments after reading an April 25 article by Leo Hohmann, who is an associate producer of the Worldview Report nightly newscast.


Arson investigators are seeking information about a small fire that ignited Sunday night during a suspected break-in attempt at the Oregon Right to Life office in Keizer, according to a report in the Idaho Statesman Journal.

An engine responded at around 10:40 p.m. to the Right to Life building in the city, according to Keizer Fire District Deputy Fire Marshal Anne-Marie Storms.

At least one person tried to break a window at the building by throwing stones, according to Lt. Trevor Wenning, a spokesperson for the Keizer Police Department. The person then lit two Molotov cocktails and threw them toward the building.

The building was empty at the time of the fire — there were no injuries reported, Storms said. Crews stayed on scene for about 45 minutes. The outside of the building was damaged, but the building is still usable, Storms told the local newspaper.

This is the latest in a string of violent attacks on the offices of pro-life groups across the country in the wake of the leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.


The attorneys general of 20 states have threatened legal action against the U.S. government unless they disband the newly formed Disinformation Governance Board.

In a letter addressed to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Attorney General of Virginia, Jason Miyares, spoke for the AGs of 19 other states and shared his concerns about the overreach.


The attorneys general from these states said the creation of such an Orwellian entity will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and described it as un-American.

The letter, acquired by, states:

“As the chief legal officers of our respective States, we, the undersigned Attorneys General, are tasked not just with enforcing the laws but with protecting the constitutional rights of all our citizens. Today we write you to insist that you immediately cease taking action that appears designed exclusively for the purpose of suppressing the exercise of constitutional rights.”

The letter added that, “This is an unacceptable and downright alarming encroachment on every citizen’s right to express his or her opinions, engage in political debate, and disagree with the government.”

The letter concludes with a warning to the federal government which states:

“Unless you turn back now and disband this Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board immediately, the undersigned will have no choice but to consider judicial remedies to protect the rights of their citizens.”

Besides Virginia, the other states whose attorneys general signed the letter were Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.


Democrat Senator Dick Durbin has co-sponsored with Senator Mike Braun, Republican of Indiana, the so-called Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, “This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy.”

The bill threatens fines and jailtime for companies that do not comply with a list of new regulations and red tape.

If a company does not submit the proper information, in the correct form, by the proper date, the supplement is considered misbranded, the Alliance reports.

The first offense carries a punishment of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine; for the second offense, violators can be imprisoned for three years and fined $10,000.

This bill creates a lose-lose situation for consumers and supplement companies: If companies don’t comply, they face fines and jail time; if they do comply, companies are orchestrating their own demise by giving the FDA the list it needs to sweep the market of as many as 41,000 supplements that do not comply with the agency’s overreaching (and incomplete) “new supplement” guidance. Supplement companies lose, the economy suffers, and consumers lose access to critical health products.

On a completely separate track, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) is advancing another piece of legislation deemed catastrophic to supplements suppliers.

This legislation is embedded within the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that must pass by the end of September.

The Alliance states that, “Durbin’s policy, then, has twice the chance of success because it is moving forward on two distinct paths.”


Now, for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has yet to arrest a single abortion-rights activist, many of whom have openly threatened the personal safety of Supreme Court justices or incited violence by calling for the taking up arms. They do it openly on Twitter and other social media. There are too many instances of it to even mention here but we showed you earlier in this broadcast one example that came from an elected Democrat mayor of a major U.S. city.

And it’s only going to get worse. Militant pro-abortion activists invaded churches on Mother’s Day and now they are harassing Supreme Court justices and at least one of them, Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the draft opinion for the court, has had to be moved along with his family to a secure location. When has it ever been normal for a judge in a free country to be forced to live in hiding?

This has got to stop. The DOJ needs to apply the law fairly and if it is incapable of doing that, Congress, when it turns over to Republicans in the next election, should immediately open impeachment proceedings against the official who is ultimately in charge of running the DOJ. That would be Joe Biden.

That’s it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for joining us. Take care and God bless.


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