Russians Are Being Warned To Take Anti-Radiation Pills


  • Russian forces are closing in on the key Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, while also sending a barrage of missiles into the capital of Kiev and other cities.
  • Russians were warned to take anti-radiation pills and rush to their nearest nuclear bomb shelters after hackers compromised state television servers to broadcast chilling messages.
  • Scientists in Japan claim to have created eggs from two male mice, technology that they say could lead to the ability of two human men to conceive a child.
  • Another train derailment to report, the third in two days.
  • The Satanic Temple opens its first after-school club on an elementary school campus in the United States.
  • And Thomas Massie exposes how the CDC colluded with Twitter to censor the tweets of congressmen such as himself who spoke out against the experimental mRNA Covid vaccines.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Russian forces have at this point taken full control of the eastern part of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut as one of the bloodiest battles of the year-long war appears close to ending.

Zero Hedge reports that NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has acknowledged that Bakhmut might fall to Russian forces in the “coming days” amid reports of rapid gains, which has been spearheaded by the Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group. “We cannot rule out that Bakhmut may eventually fall in the coming days,” Stoltenberg told a press briefing in Stockholm. But like with statements from Pentagon generals of late, he quickly tried to downplay the city's strategic importance. 

Stoltenberg described that its capture by the Russian military won't “necessarily reflect any turning point of the war.”

The Kyiv Independent recently interviewed soldiers on the front lines and issued a surprisingly blunt assessment (given it's obviously a news source on the Ukrainian side) that Ukrainian soldiers are by and large “unprepared, poorly-trained battalions being thrown into the front line meat grinder to survive as best they could with little support from armored vehicles, mortars, artillery, drones and tactical information.”


The Daily Mail reports that Russians were warned Thursday, March 9, to take anti-radiation pills and rush to their nearest nuclear bomb shelters after hackers compromised state television servers to broadcast chilling messages.

TV and radio programs in Moscow and the Sverdlovsk region were interrupted with an alarming message telling citizens a missile strike had been conducted on Russian soil.

The population was urged to take potassium iodide pills, don gas masks to protect themselves and to seek shelter.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry said hacking was responsible for the false alarm - the third such case in the past month but the first in which viewers were warned to take anti-radiation pills.


Russia appears to be capitalizing on its momentum in the Donetsk region, firing what's possibly the largest barrage of missiles so far this year. 

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Russia fired dozens of missiles at the capital city of Kiev and other regions across Ukraine Thursday, March 9, striking civilian infrastructure and the country’s defense industry in one of the biggest barrages this year as its forces continued to claw more territory in the east.


The top commander of Ukraine’s armed forces said Russia had launched 81 missiles of different varieties from air, land and sea, in addition to eight Iranian-made attack drones. Four of the drones and 34 cruise missiles were intercepted.

Russia says the missile barrage targeted infrastructure but Ukraine says they killed six people.


Japanese researchers claim they’ve successfully created eggs using cells from two male mice. They are claiming this to be a scientific breakthrough that could lead to two biological human males being able to reproduce offspring.

Clearly this is a demonically inspired attempt to mock God and his created order.

The Guardian reports:

“Previously scientists have created mice that technically had two biological fathers through a chain of elaborate steps, including genetic engineering. However, this is the first time viable eggs have been cultivated from male cells and marks a significant advance. [Kyushu University medical sciences professor Katsuhiko Hayashi‘s] team is now attempting to replicate this achievement with human cells, although there would be significant hurdles for the use of lab-grown eggs for clinical purposes, including establishing their safety.”

Despite previous setbacks, Hayashi remains positive humans can soon have two dads.

“Purely in terms of technology, it will be possible [in humans] even in 10 years,” Hayashi stated according to The Guardian, adding he’d support the technology later being used by two men to have a baby.

“I don’t know whether they’ll be available for reproduction,” Hayashi told The Guardian. “That is not a question just for the scientific program, but also for [society].”

previous experiment where researchers attempted to create mice embryos made from the DNA of two male mice resulted in offspring surviving less than two days.

But the fact that scientists are even trying to do this shows that modern science is in open rebellion against the one and only Creator God.


Testifying this week at a House committee hearing on the Weaponization of Government Agencies, author and journalist Matt Taibbi exposed how the FBI colluded with Twitter to censor free speech.

Take a look at this exchange with Congresswoman Harriet Hageman, Republican of Wyoming, who asked him if he believes it’s the FBI’s responsibility to police the terms of service for a private company.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 41 seconds)

A direct conflict of interest. The FBI can’t have it both ways, saying that Twitter, Facebook and Google are independent private companies not bound by the First Amendment but then taking on the role of policing those very same platforms for speech it doesn’t like.

But it was Congressman Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, who stole the show at this week’s weaponization of government hearings. He came prepared for a beat down of the CDC, which was tracking the tweets of members of Congress regarding vaccines and urging Twitter to censor them.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:59)

So it wasn’t just the congressman’s tweets that were censored but all of his constituents who responded to his tweets as well. This was a wholesale government operation to silence Americans from relaying the truth about the government’s killer vaccines. Incredible.


And, meanwhile, the bodies continue to pile up.

On Tuesday, a South African soccer player died suddenly after collapsing during training at the age of 29. 


“It is with deep sadness to announce that Richards Bay Football Club has untimely lost one of the midfielders, Siphamandla ‘Spepe’ Mtolo; he collapsed this morning during training,” the team announced in a tweet.

“The club is not in a position to provide further information at this stage and ask that his family’s privacy is respected in this difficult time of bereavement,” the club continued. “His presence both on and off the pitch will be sorely missed. Thoughts and prayers of everyone in Richards Bay Football Club are with his family, friends and loved ones.”

There were no details released about his death but he would not have been on the field if he had not passed a physical and been in good health prior to his sudden death, presumably of cardiac arrest, just like the thousands of other athletes have suffered over the last two years with no real explanation given.


Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review reports that new data from a German health insurance company regarding sick leave of its employees is just the latest data point to implicate the sacred COVID shots as at least one of the culprits for unexplained health issues in young healthy people up to and including death.

He writes that, “Amid all the data points that ominously reflect a rash of sudden illness and death, German insurance company Barmer recorded a 76% increase in medical-related absences among its employees in 2022 over 2021, according to German newspaper Die Welt. 2021 was the deadliest year of the pandemic with the Delta variant, yet somehow the company’s sick leave nearly doubled the following year?! What gives? It turns out that both COVID-related sickness and other sickness were responsible for the increase.”

Here is the key data from the German news outlet:

“A total of 14 percent of all cases of incapacity to work among the insured employees of Barmer in 2022 as a whole are due to corona diseases. In 2021, this figure was 3 percent. The most striking increase in the number of corona sick leave was in July of the previous year. ‘While in July 2021 only 0.9 percent of all sick leave was related to Corona, the proportion in July 2022 was 20.2 percent and thus more than 22 times higher,’ says the evaluation.  Barmer recorded the most significant increase in lost work in the previous year for the month of December. For December 2022, Barmer recorded 231 sick leave per 1,000 of its insured persons with a claim to sick pay. This corresponds to more than a doubling of sick leave compared to the same month in 2021.”

According to the official narrative, Horowitz writes, sure, you can get COVID with the shots, but you don’t get nearly as sick. If that is true, how can it be that COVID absences absolutely exploded in 2022, long after everyone was vaccinated and most were boosted? According to Our World in Data, Germans got 77 booster doses per 100 people, well over the global average and the rate in the U.S.


Another Norfolk Southern train derailed Thursday, March 9, in Calhoun County, Alabama, as the company’s chief executive officer is expected to testify before Congress.

The Calhoun County EMA reported that nearly 30 cars derailed at 6:45 a.m. in the White Plains area, according to the agency’s Facebook post. The incident reportedly caused no injuries, hazardous spills, or dangers to the public but it’s the third derailment in just two days.

“There are no injuries and no reports of leaks of hazmat, also we have no road blockages,” the Calhoun County EMA said. “Norfolk Southern has responded and is working closely with us. There is NO danger to the public.”


Natural News reports that the world’s largest provider of DNA services has been gobbled up by Wall Street investment giant BlackStone.

BlackStone purchased for $4.7 billion from private equity rivals Silver Lake, Spectrum Equity, and Permira, placing a “big bet,” as Reuters describes it, “on family-tree chasing as well as personalized medicine.”

In case you are unfamiliar with the services it offers, allows customers to not only trace their genealogy but also identify specific genetic health risks using testing kits. Remember, we and others have previously reported that Communist China is stealing people’s DNA from these at-home testing kits.

BlackStone’s hope is that because of Covid, bird flu and all of the other fear porn surrounding contagious diseases in the 21st century, more customers will stay home and use’s services, generating more profits for the investment firm.


Nike, the popular athletic shoe brand, has been selling shoes called Nike Adapt that are connected to the internet and are capable of tying themselves.

Technically, the shoes cannot be tied because they have no laces but are compression fitted to adapt to a variety of foot sizes. The shoes must be connected to a smartphone or smartwatch per the Nike Adapt app. Users can control how tight and loose the shoe fits by adjusting a meter on the app. Presets for casual and athletic use are included.

This is the internet of things converging with the internet of bodies.

Nike writes on its website:

“Instantly adjust your Nike Adapt shoes, check battery levels and more using just your smartphone. Five customizable voice commands work with Siri Shortcuts—or Google Voice, for Android users. The Nike App comes loaded with two preset fit modes: one tuned for activity and the other for relaxing. You can easily create your own with custom modes, as well.

“Your Apple Watch can also personalize your shoes. Instantly change the color of your lights or switch up your fit modes, all from your wrist.

“With 13 iconic Nike colors available to illuminate your lace engines, complement your personal style with pulsing and static options. Or, for a low-key look, simply turn off the lights.

“Charging your shoes is as easy as setting them on the mat and watching the lights change. If the battery runs out while you’re wearing them, your shoes will still unlace so you never get stuck.”

If you want a pair of these high-tech shoes, they will set you back anywhere from $408 to $784.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The Satanic Temple’s After School Club at Paonia K-8 Elementary School in Colorado held its first meeting this week after a parent requested the club for her son.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the club is the first of its kind in the state and was initially announced on February 21st on The Satanic Temple’s Twitter account. The club’s first meeting was held on Monday, March 6, and was initially requested by a parent who complained that other students had allegedly told her child that he would “burn in hell” because his family was agnostic.


June Everett, The Satanic Temple campaign director for the After School Satan Club program and ordained minister of The Satanic Temple, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the first meeting was a great success.

Everett said:

“We had 7 children in attendance, and you could hear the laughter from clear down the hall coming from the room. The school principal was welcoming and very professional, there were no protestors on site, and we all had a great time. We played games, did some coloring projects, and made bookmarks!”

In a flyer for the meeting on TST’s Twitter account, it says that the club does not try to convert students to “any religious ideology.”

Ah, nothing to see here, just some innocent coloring book activities, that’s all.

However, TST has stated in the past that its clubs are designed to be a direct response to any religious after-school clubs, and Everett told the Daily Caller that a parent must request the club before they will approach a school.

Kurt Clay, assistant superintendent of the Delta County School District, told the Daily Caller that the school only requires after-school groups to meet the requirements to use the school grounds “unless they do not meet the requirements of our policies.”

“First, this is not a school-sponsored club in any form,” Clay said. “[TST] uses the word club in their title but the school does not sponsor this as a school activity. By policy, the school’s job is to stay neutral and treat all equally.”

Imagine that: Staying “neutral” on a Satanic temple opening up on your school’s campus. This is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America, and has been for a very long time. There are some things you just can’t be neutral on, and if satanism in an elementary school isn’t one of them, then Houston, we have a problem.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America!


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