Refuting the Latest Slander of Justin Peters Against Brannon Howse


WVW Broadcast Network: 

Click here to watch an 11 minute video of this statement with audio clips that refute the lies against Brannon Howse

In an effort to set the record straight and to present the indisputable facts, WVW Broadcast Network is issuing the following statement regarding a July 2018 video recently posted by Justin Peters claiming Brannon Howse has purposely spoken untruths about Justin. 

Unfortunately, Justin is taking Brannon’s radio description and audio from March 7, 2012 out of context to try and have Brannon say something he did not say. In fact, the audio from this program proves that Justin has simply made a mistake or is deliberately lying and being deceitful. You be the judge. 

  • The radio description is about Justin contacting Dr. Jeremiah before coming on Brannon’s program, and only in regard to the specific TBN audio clips being played and discussed.
  • Justin tried to take Brannon’s show description from 2012 to say that our broadcast network lied about him in 2017 when a video slide on a short video stated that Justin was not following his own advice when he publicly said that people should have contacted James White before talking about him publicly regarding his interfaith dialogue with a Jew-hating, holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending Imam. The slide on the video stated that Justin did not contact Jeremiah before talking about him publicly, as Justin has said people should have done with James White. Justin then took the 2012 radio description and twisted it to make it appear that Brannon was saying that Justin had contacted Jeremiah before talking about him. Brannon clearly stated on the program that Justin had contacted Jeremiah ON THIS TOPIC that they were discussing. 
  • Brannon’s direct quote from this show: “Now, folks are going to immediately say, ‘did you guys contact David Jeremiah first?’ That’s the first thing we always hear, even though, quite frankly, there is no Biblical requirement to do that. This is not a Matthew 18 issue of a private sin; this is a public issue going on an international TV program. And if we want to talk about it – he is a public figure doing something publicly – we can talk about it. Although it might be nice to contact them, it is not required and it does not mean that you are not being nice if you don’t. But the reality is, Justin, that you have contacted him [David Jeremiah] ON THIS TOPIC. And we let you do it…so you have contacted his office.” 
  • Brannon said “on this topic” on the air because he knew Justin had been talking about Jeremiah publicly in his seminars on other topics before contacting him. Brannon knew this because it was in a phone conversation that Brannon encouraged Justin to contact Jeremiah so people would not accuse him of having not done so. Our show description was simply trying to convey, as we further explained on the air, that Justin had contacted Jeremiah before talking “on this topic” and playing the specific clips of Jeremiah on the TBN share-a-thon. We were never stating that Justin had contacted Jeremiah before ever publicly talking about him on any variety of issues, as Justin is now falsely claiming on a recent video.
  • Justin admits on this program that he was talking about Jeremiah in his seminars before writing to him, just as WVW stated in the summer of 2017. On Brannon’s March 7, 2012 radio program Justin states that in his letter to Jeremiah, he wrote: “I am frequently asked about you in my seminars because people see you on there with TBN and they say, ‘what about David Jeremiah –  is he one of these, too?’” 
  • Justin Peters made a recording of himself speaking w/ David Jeremiah for the FIRST time about TBN etc. ––a long time after he was speaking about Dr. Jeremiah in a negative way in public, thus violating Peters’ own standards he put on Brannon Howse talking about James White. In fact, Peters tells Dr. Jeremiah that he spoke for the Strange Fire Conference so that gives a time line. Peters confronted Dr. Jeremiah on a Sunday morning after he preached 3 sermons. Other people were standing around to hear this as you can hear them on the recording. So this was NOT in private as Peters said Howse should have done with James White. David Jeremiah makes it real clear what he thought about the time and setting for the confrontation. I wonder if Dr. Jeremiah knew the conversation was being recorded? So, to the haters that are saying we don't have proof of our claims to counter the lies and attacks on Brannon by Peters --just know we do have the documentation and we suggest these haters move on to another story.
  •  Fast forward to the summer of 2017 when Justin said on video that until you pick up this "new invention known as a telephone" and talk to the elder or pastor with which you have a concern and try and work it out, then you should not talk publicly about such an elder of a church with a long track record. Those are Justin's standards on video from the summer of 2017 for how people should have dealt with James White, but that is not what it appears he did with Jeremiah. So the issue is Justin condemning Brannon talking about White without talking to White first, when Justin was condemning Jeremiah before he talked to him in person or on the phoneJustin does not hold himself or his ‘extreme Calvinist club’ to the same standards by which he holds others, and this is a documented fact on video and audio. In addition, Justin has talked about Brannon publicly without calling and talking to him, even though Brannon has tried for over a year to have Justin call him. 
  • Apparently Justin is upset that Brannon and some of our broadcasters have publicly disagreed with Justin when he said on video in June of 2017 that Islam is not a spiritual threat to the church, and then defended James White over his IFD with Imam Yasir Qadhi. Justin was a broadcaster with WVW Broadcast Network for a few years until he defended James White and his interfaith dialogue with a Jew hating, holocaust denying, Hitler defending, Jihadi preaching Imam. We have this on video. WVW Broadcast Network President & Founder, Brannon Howse, spent six weeks trying to convince Justin Peters to call him but he would not. WVW Broadcast Network continued to carry Justin’s program through that entire six weeks in a show of grace and while praying for a positive resolution. Sadly such a resolution never occurred due to Justin’s decisions. Most networks would have cancelled Justin’s program within a few days if he would not returned the phone call of the broadcast network founder and president. Thus, WVWBN was very patient with Justin in giving him six weeks to return Brannon’s call and get on the right side of this Biblical issue. Justin is apparently now engaging in revenge with internet lies about Mr. Howse.

It is extremely difficult to dispute concrete evidence such as audio from a radio show. We hope this helps to set the record straight for anyone interested. We now await the next personal attack and misrepresentation instead of the James White defenders dealing with the issues. 

Apparently now that the James White defenders have lost credibility, donors, and followers by defending James White and/or defending his interfaith dialogue with a Jew-hating, holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending, Jihadi-preaching Imam, the goal is to destroy Brannon Howse, the President and Founder of the broadcast network that covered and exposed on a global scale this spiritual and national security threat. Brannon and all of our broadcast network team is only emboldened by such attacks to continue proclaiming truth and exposing the demonic source of such attacks as described in Ephesians 6.

Thank you,

-WVW Broadcast Network

The radio description from 2012 is above.

Proverbs 18:17 The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.


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